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Freedom of Choice in Health Care


Your Natural Right!

All Americans Must Act Now


First Enacting the

Dr. Benjamin Rush Amendment

to their

State Constitution

and then the

United States Bill of Rights

to Reclaim

“Freedom of Choice in Medical Care and Practice!”   

“The Constitution of this Republic should make special provision for medical freedom. To restrict the art of healing to one class will constitute the Bastille of medical science. All such laws are un-American and despotic…Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution; the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship and force people, who wish doctors and treatments of their own choice, to submit to only what the dictating outfit offers.The Constitution of the Republic should make a Special provision for medical freedoms as well as religious freedom."

Admonition attributed to Dr. Benjamin Rush, signer of the Declaration of Independence, during the time of the 1787-1791 Constitutional Convention.

This is not as difficult as it sounds, and when you look at the present State and Federal alternatives, for example

Individual State Health Care Bills or Compacts  + (plus)

Individual State Nullifications of Obama Care = Nothing Solved, and as we now see, Court Ruling that forced payment for Obama Care is Constitutional (11-8-2011)..., and ongoing

Quagmires of Endless Litigation.

Results: No Modern Low Cost Health Care for Americans!

Meanwhile, FDA continues to daily curtail your access to natural foods, vitamins and nutritional supplements.

The Dr Benjamin Rush Amendment is the only Logical Solution to all Food and Medical Tyranny.

The Rush Amendment obviates the need for any type of Collectivist Totalitarian Mandated Federal Health Care.

It is a "Restatement of the 10th Amendment Restrictions" which only a few politicians seem to comprehend....

Freedom of Choice in Health/Medical Care and Practice!

There is no other solution. Show Us!

Documentation of the History, Law, and Evidence from Congressional and Court Records to Deprive Americans of our Rights and to Suppress New Medical Sciences are in Jack Phillips new book:




"Suppressed Medical Science"


The Dr. Benjamin Rush Amendment


The Key to Lower Cost and Higher Quality Medical Care. 


Please Note:

1. The Dr. Rush Amendment is NOT about federal or state funding issues of national health care services. It's about your "Natural Rights" as an American Citizen.

2. This is NOT a call for state or federal Constitutional Conventions. Simply use your states Amendment Process to put a States' Rights Liberty Wall between you and Federal Administrative Usurpations. Liberate your Health and Medical Options within your state!


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Dr. Rush Speaks

Dr. Benjamin Rush painted by Charles Willson P...“The Dr. Benjamin Rush Amendment” 

A purposed "Natural Rights" Amendment to constitutions of the several states of the Union.

When "We the People" have the State Numbers, we shall add it to the Bill of Rights for the US Constitution.

The proposed wording is presently thus:

Your State Constitution Bill of Rights:   

“The People and any lawful inhabitant, resident, or sojourner of the state of (Your state) shall have freedom of choice and practice of any health or medical care modalities as they deem in their own personal best interest and judgment.”

US Constitution - National Bill of Rights:    

“The People of the United States of America and anyone lawfully residing or sojourning therein shall have freedom of choice and practice of any health or medical care modalities as they deem in their own personal best interest and judgment.”


What this will mean to People in America:

The Rush Amendment = Health Freedom!

Freedom for you to choose any Medical Practice / Practitioner.

Freedom for Doctors to Practice Alternative Therapies such as those developed by Hoxey, Koch, Rife, Reich, Drown, Klenner, and others.

Freedom for Citizens to Practice Medicine with or without government Medical License (or Certification?). (Let the practitioners set their own modality and organizational standards.)

Freedom for adults to Aquire your Medicine, your Drug, Herb, Remedy, etc. with or without a prescription.

Freedom to take Responsibility for your own health…, or not.

Freedom from government medical mandates.

Medical competition and the release of suppressed therapies means:

Improved and Lower Cost Health Care.

Lower health insurance cost.

Lower medical bills for YOU.

Healthier Americans!

What this means to the State and Federal Governments

FDA to become an advisory agency in regards to most health and medical issues. (You'll see why when you read the book!)

Reduced operating cost for Medicare and Medicaid.

Reduction of government bureaucracy.

Reduction of prison populations. (Use allocated funds for drug education and treatment centers for abusers)

Reduction of crime.

Health Assurance Will Lower Cost of Medical Insurance


Losing the War?


Alternative Health Care Doctors & Providers

Vitamin & Supplement Manufacturers

Health Food Store Owners


Yes, You are Losing the War!

We are ALL losing our Liberty! (Freedom)

It is Time to CHANGE the Way We have been FIGHTING!

Nationally Speaking, We have been getting NOWHERE!
 (We thought we were, right....)

Yes, some of you win a few court cases, and a few non-standard of care doctors, formulators, and innovators get acquitted by the Grace of God.

But America is littered with bodies of past doctors and scientist who went to jail, exile, bankruptcy, and their medical science suppressed, or their nutritional supplements also banned and suppressed. You know it. Koch, Rife, Reich, Hoxey, the list is long.

Corrupt and Totalitarian Politicians and a Bureaucratic Juggernaut is now poised in national and international jurisdictions to OUTLAW every aspect of your right to freedom of choice in your health matters, in manufacture and access to vitamins, supplements, growing your own food with heirloom seeds, and more. Codex, Agenda21, GMO Mandates, Forced Vaccinations, Fluoridation, and Senator Durbin’s current Bill come to mind.

The Dr. Benjamin Rush Amendment is the only tool, the only Legal Instrument that has the POWER to stop these Mattoids at all political levels and their diabolical global plantation scheme.

Political Action (this means get off your derrie air and pocketbook if you have one) is a Necessity NOW


YOU must get active and get YOUR patients, clients, customers, and the American People in ACTION at your state capital.


Launch the Rush Amendment in your county and state.

It’s the essence of a NUCLEAR TORPEDO and A 10,000 LB DAISY CUTTER


Create “RA Action Groups” in your company, your practice, with your Patrons, your email list! Go to your local favorite political party meeting and recruit them.

EXAMPLE: Health Food Store Owners - Organize your cliental into a Dr Rush Action Group. Take the lead, you know the industry. Educate and Motivate them! Promote Jack's book, it will open minds and doors.

Use this web site as a Center of Action for you Group or create your own site.

If you are flush with CASH, Help support this web site operation.  (Before your $$'s become worthless)

Thank you Patriots! If you got a better idea or plan, Please let us know.


The Mission (Historical and Technical Perspective)

The purpose of The RUSH Amendment 2013 Project is to use the political process to reestablish freedom of choice in health care for Americans as a means for substantially reducing the costs of medical care by increasing competition between the many types of health and medical treatments available, both mainstream (approved by the government and AMA, etc) and alternative practices (generally not approved or sanctioned by the government, the AMA, or insurance companies). Experience and observation has show that seeking medical freedom in the courts and by legal process is a waste of time and money. Numerous books and articles document the fraud and corruption perpetrated in the medical industry and legal process when seeking judicial relief on medical issues and treatments opposed by the FDA or the medical / pharmaceutical cartel.

Freedom of choice in health care was taken for granted in the early days of our American republic. However Dr. Benjamin Rush foresaw a need for its continuance. At some point during the constitutional convention he is alleged to have proposed that it be ensconced in our Constitution. His statement is at the top of this web page.

What he foresaw has come to pass. We now have a 100 year old undercover dictatorship which forces people to take what the dictating outfit offers. The dictatorship has driven the costs of health care to levels that threaten to bankrupt not only individuals, but businesses, States and the Federal government. It discourages competition and suppresses advances in medical science that promise to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

What he did not foresee was abuse of political and judicial power by the undercover dictatorship. This permits it to inoculate children with dangerous materials against the wishes of their parents and to hook schizophrenic and bipolar patients on drugs when the historical record shows that many are curable. It may also be responsible for the deterioration in reproductive capability of American men over the last 50 years and the increase in degenerative diseases. Freedom of choice in health care will terminate abuse of power by the undercover dictatorship. 

Constitutional protection of the right to freedom of choice in health care, which Benjamin Rush recommended on 1787, is needed even more in 2011 AD when international efforts threaten to limit access to food supplements required to make up deficiencies in our food.

We invite all Americans to join with us in an effort to enact an amendment to the Constitution, in the name of Benjamin Rush, in order to provide freedom of choice in health care for ourselves and our descendants.

RUSH Amendment Rational / Argument: 

The Rush Amendment when enacted gives everyone both Liberty and Responsibility. One of the fundimental priciples America was founded on is that each citizen has personal soveriegnty. We are "Citizens" and not "subjects."  As citizens of America, we are part of the "sovereign body politic" and our elected officials and government employees are "public servants" when performing their constitutional duties.

From an American constitutional and Bill of Rights perspective, any discussion of The Right to Freedom of Choice of Health Care and Medical Practice should begin with an understanding of this: Rights do not come from government. Only privileges come from government. Privileges that are granted by government can also be taken away by government. Rights do not come from the Constitution either. The Constitution only protects Rights the people had long before the Constitution was written. All Rights come from our Creator and are unalienable, which means that no lien can be put upon them. They cannot be taken away although you can lose them by becoming enslaved. The only way a person can lose their Soveriegn Rights is by ALLOWING someone or some group to take them from you by force or pretense. Usually you are told it is for your own good. Government bureaucracies or other organized groups of individuals who aspire to violate your personal Liberties are anti-American. Forcing an American to pay for government mandated health care then stipulating what level of care you can obtain is Totalitarianism.

Several of the Founding Fathers suggested the following slogan for our Great Seal, "Resistance to Tyranny is Obedience to GOD".

Is “Freedom of Choice” safe in health matters? It all depends on your choice. Undoubtedly there will be some people who make wrong decisions and injure or kill themselves or others. But that has always been the case and is happening right now anyway.

RUSH2013 Strategy  and Tactics

•    Promote self organizing groups of patriots on local and state levels to educate their citizens locally on the benefits of ”The Rush Amendment” and to determine the best way in their area of operation to enact “The Rush Amendment” in their state. Do not elect anyone who does not support “The Rush Amendment.”

•    Inspire all current political parties, health advocate groups, doctors, scientist, in short all citizen organizations of all standings to support and promote “The Rush Amendment” as the best solution to America’s health care issues and controversy. Do not elect anyone who does not support “The Rush Amendment.”


Who was Dr. Benjamin Rush?

Dr. Benjamin Rush was one of the most educated, distinguished, and prominent American Patriots of his day. There are many web sites detailing his life and works. Briefly, he was considered one of the most important men in advocating and organizing the American Independence movement, he was a signer of the Declaration of Independence, and his wife was the daughter of another signer, Richard Stockton. For a short time he was George Washington’s Surgeon General and was a battle field surgeon treating the wounded in some of the early battles. He was involved in many of the controversies of his day and because of some of his medical practices which we know today were not benificial, he has his detractors. He was a devout Christian and foresaw the medical conspiracy and formation of the medical monopoly we face today. Because of his foresight, and the general historical consensus that he made this statement, we are naming this amendment after him. However, the documentation of his statement to this effect we here at Rush2013 are in search of. It has eluded us so far. If anyone reading this knows the source or document relating to his constitutional amendment statement, please advise. Thank you. sm

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