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Update: Jack Phillips passed away August 27, 2014 in Albany, New York. He will be missed, but his work and our work continues. Click on the names above for more information.


By Stephen Miller

The Rush Amendment originated during discussions between Jack Phillips and Stephen Miller on finding the best solution to the health crisis and federal medical tyranny facing the American People during the writing of Jack’s book, “Suppressed Medical Science” in 2010.

I met Jack Phillips at dinner one night in ’03 or ’04 at the Bird’s Nest Retreat in the mountains of North Georgia, a crossroads and watering hole of esoteric personalities, bio-dynamic farmers, alternative health practitioners and other borderland researchers. It is owned by Shabari Bird, the widow of the renowned late researcher and author Christopher Bird (Secrets of the Soil), when she is not off in some far corner of the world on her own research and work ventures. Jack and I struck up an easy acquaintance. As it turned out we were both doing research on Vitamin C and its medical uses for treating bird flu or any type flu. We stayed in touch over the ensuing years and crossed paths a few times in different parts of the country.

In February of 2010, at age 93, he asked me to help him with assembling his latest book, “Suppressed Medical Science.” His new book covers the A to Z of medical care, the medical cartel, and numerous examples of suppressed medical sciences in America, past and present.

Jack was also in the process of setting up a “Freedom of Choice in Medical Care Foundation” with special emphasis on helping the mentally disabled get access to known but ignored alternative treatments such as Orthomolecular Therapy.

In working with him several months on this book our discussions became, “How can Americans expose and stop the now obvious government/corporate collusion to force us to take questionable vaccines and dangerous drugs while simultaneously passing laws to deprive us of wholesome food and nutritional supplements?”

When Jack told me that a signator to the Declaration of American Independence, Dr Benjamin Rush, wanted a clause put in the US constitution assuring Americans would always have freedom of choice in medical care and practice, I suggested that what we then need is a constitutional amendment to that effect. Jack said it should be called “The Dr. Benjamin Rush Amendment” and thus the idea of the Rush2013 Project was born.

About Jack Phillips,  1917 - August 27, 2014

John J. (Jack) Phillips, SB ’38, SM ’40, MBA’51, Major USAR, Retired, was born in New York City in 1917. He studied Chemical Engineering at MIT and Business Administration at Harvard. Called to active duty in January 1941 he served almost five years as an Ordnance Officer returning home, after 3 and 1/2 years overseas, on VJ Day. He has had industrial experience in the petroleum, textile and electronics industries. He developed one of the first chromatographic instruments for analysis of petroleum products in his own company. He was involved with the Jupiter, Redstone and Pershing Missile industrial programs in Office, Chief of Ordnance in the Pentagon and with the Nike and Anti-Tank Missile programs at the Army Rocket and Guided Missile Agency in Huntsville, Alabama. At NASA Headquarters he was associated with the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo programs and the Office of Advanced Research and Technology from which he retired. He is an emeritus member of both the American Chemical Society and Sigma Xi.

Jack is the author of numerous articles on science and health as well as two books, Suppressed Science, published in 2006, and Suppressed Medical Science published in April 2011.

Jack proposes both state and federal passage of “The Rush Amendment,” a Constitutional addition aimed at widening patient choices in medical care, improving treatment for mental illnesses, reducing medical and insurance costs, and redesigning the code structure by which insurance is billed.

He founded the Freedom of Choice in Medical Care Foundation in 2010, which he says works to educate people about choice in their health care, making them aware that it’s possible to treat diseases with medical approaches that have been suppressed by our current system.

About Stephen Miller

A Bible believing working American Patriot holding more to the Bill of Rights than the 14th Amendment corrupted constitution.... Served 3 years US Army Special Force, Combat Engineer, holds a Commercial Pilot Certificate, attended numerous colleges on many subjects-mostly law, business, electronics and religion, non-graduate, didn't have time. Work experience also includes farming, construction, heavy equipment operator, sales and manufacture of vitamins and supplements, and general maintenance and support work when nothing else available. Sojourns in Texas, Washington, Montana, and Florida when not working elsewhere as work would dictate. Currently working to get the Dr Rush Amendment started in a few states. Lend a hand, will ya!