Basics of State Constitutional  Amendments 101

1.      Obtain copy of state constitution from internet or Secretary of the State

2.      Read Constitution

3.      Locate Bill of Rights (declaratory and restrictive clauses on the power of government)

4.      Locate amendment procedures in constitution

5.      Form local Action Group, SOG, or if already active in political party, church, etc., get their support and endorsement.

6.      Draft Plan of Action for implementation in you state.

7.      Educate the local people, public officials, elected state officials.

8.      Add the Dr. Rush Amendment to your state Bill of Rights.



The Rush Amendment is a Non-Partisan Political Action!

Your State passage of the amendment is required first to Interpose claim of Natural Right against Federal Tyranny. 

It is strictly American, protects our Natural Rights as Americans and re-establishes who is sovereign and who is servant in the USA.

Yes, we are aware there are several classes of citizenship status in the US, but this will be addressed from state level action initially.

This Amendment will secure your Right to grow, manufacture, and possess natural foods, supplements, herbs, drugs, and medical care and practice of your choice. This includes the re-introduction and use of banned and suppressed medical technologies.

For those of you that need understanding; "We the People" of the Posterity are the sovereigns in America and elected officials and government employees are "public / civil servants" in positions of trusts.

What to do? The shortest path is to:

Pass / Enact the Rush Amendment in your state. Until we get it passed in a couple states, history shows Washington DC will be deaf.

Please READ the "Terms" of Service before registering on this site.

Many of you are already active in various political groups. Incorporate the Dr. Rush Amendment into your current program.

For those of you not active yet, Please get active at the county and precint level and put honest Americans who understand the basic American moral and constitutional principles back into public office.

Attend county and state meetings and rallies. Meet like minded civic oriented people. Make new friends. Inform your local churches, civic clubs, newspapers, and representatives.

When one county is organized and educated, then help the counties next to you remove the anti-American wood and rebuild local and state offices with constitutional discerning and honest Americans.

No national security issue should stand in the way of this amendment. In fact, the health and food supply of the nation, the medical care available to us is a top national security issue. This should be top priority regardless of any type of anti-American threat, internal, external, contrived or otherwise.

Bolshevik by Boris Kustodiev, a visual represe...

Bolshevik Overthrow of Russia 1917

Note: Bolsheviks have launched their overthrow of America, October 2011

The Federal Government is not just broke (as in debt), it is out of control by design. As we, nationally speaking, careen off the track of America’s constitutional rails into the death throes and “designed to fail” federal programs of what 100 years ago was called Bolshevism (the first item of the Bolshevik economic policy was to murder upwards to 70 million White Russian and European Christians), we can still get the Rush Amendment passed. 

Folks, the best summary I can give at the moment is this; We have a federal government run by a hidden cabal that put the USA into a state of bankruptcy and is now operating in an illegal state of bankruptcy, and that in the last 150 years has declared multiple declarations of emergency, martial law, national emergency, and which periodically issues internal declarations of war on this or that (drugs and poverty, inflation, etc) in which “We the People,” the sovereign Body Politic of the Posterity and 14th Amendment defacto citizen subjects (subject body politic) have been deceived to the true facts in law and social contracts, declared to be enemies of the state, disenfranchised, registered, numbered, enrolled, stripped of status, securitized, collateralized, vaccinated, poisoned, drugged, bankrupted by usury thralldom, labeled as useless eaters, and now many may soon be scheduled to be liquidated under the NDAA Act and the pending Enemy Expatriation Act on a mass scale not seen since the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia and eastern Europe.

As we get organized locally and statewide, getting the federal government back in line will be a matter of picking up the pieces which are moral and constitutional. The founding fathers knew what they were doing when they created a "Republic." We discard the rest. As depicted in the Bolshevik painting above, there may be chaos in the streets. True Americans, in the Spirit of those who founded this nation will be ready and survive.

Take a few minutes to read through this site and then determine what you can first do locally to bring The Rush Amendment to pass. Again, this means attending meetings and rallies to educate yourself and to meet your neighbors… “We the People.”

Coming Soon: Press Releases, Brochures, Bumper Stickers

Thank you.

Stephen Miller, National Motivator