May 11th


By Jack Phillips

In 1995 Dr. Eugene Schroder, a veterinarian, farmer, political philosopher and activist published a book called: Constitution: Fact or Fiction. In it he quotes from Senate Document 43, 73rd Congress, first session as follows:

“The ownership of all property is in the State, individual “so-called ownership is only by virtue of Government, i.e., law, amounting to mere user, and use must be in accordance with law and subordinate to the necessities of the State.”

Elsewhere in his book Schroder discloses that President Franklin Roosevelt declared that the country was in a state of emergency at the start of his administration in 1933 and invoked the Trading With The Enemy Act of 1917 at the suggestion of the Federal Reserve Bank. Soon thereafter this act was amended to include American citizens within its jurisdiction. Consequently American citizens became equivalent to enemies of the Federal Government and Roosevelt was able to force them to surrender their gold to the treasury as is well known. It is not so well known that it also allowed him to transfer ownership of their property to the Federal Government, as noted above.  Did Roosevelt convert free Americans into serfs at the suggestion of the Federal Reserve Bank?  Under a subsequent Banking Act, it is claimed that all the property of Americans became security for the “money” issued by the Federal Reserve Bank.

Under the constitution, an emergency can be declared in case of invasion or insurrection and, once proclaimed by a President, can only be terminated by a President. Therefore Roosevelt’s declaration of a financial emergency was unconstitutional. Nevertheless none of the Presidents since Roosevelt have seen fit to terminate it. According to Senate Report 93-549 of 1973:  “Since March 9, 1933, the United States has been in a state of declared national emergency” and also “A majority of the people have lived all their lives under emergency rule”. For 40 years freedoms and governmental procedures, guaranteed by the constitution, have been abridged by laws brought into effect by states of national emergency”. Therefore in 2013 it appears that this country has been ruled under emergency powers, where citizens are deprived of their rights under the constitution, for 80 years.

This unconstitutional relationship between Americans and their Government has been enshrined by numerous laws and regulation.  There are so many laws that I have been unable to determine how many laws there are. A recently published book suggests that everyone in the country unknowingly commits three felonies a day. If so these laws and regulations create a dangerous vulnerability for the average citizen without constitutional protection. The fact that we have more people in jail per capita than any other country in the world is shocking. The violation of common law by the Drug Laws and two hundred other laws permitting confiscation of property is also worrisome. It has turned some policemen into entrepreneurs. It is reported to be a $350,000,000 business for the U.S. Marshalls Service. Perhaps our lawmakers should start repealing laws instead of writing new ones.

I heard Roosevelt’s speech in which he said that there was nothing to fear, but fear itself. It was a very moving speech and gave the people hope that better days were ahead.  I felt some loss in surrendering my single gold coin but believed that it was for the good of the country.  Now, after almost a hundred years of watching the freedom, health and prosperity of Americans gradually disappear, I no longer believe that the country benefitted.  On the other hand it seems obvious that the Federal Reserve Bank and it’s “too big to fail” associates have. I also find it disquieting that government agencies, including the Social Security Administration, are reported to be purchasing  large quantities of hollow point ammunition while ordinary citizens are having difficulty purchasing even small quantities of  22 caliber rounds.

These are the facts as best I can determine them. I suggest that readers investigate them for themselves and then decide what to do about them.

                                                                        JACK PHILLIPS –  8 May  2013


Sep 30th


By Jack Phillips

Almost 50 years ago Dr. Broda Barnes, who wrote “Hypothyroidism, the Unsuspected Illness”, estimated that 40% of Americans were suffering and dying from a lack of thyroid hormones because our physicians were relying on unreliable laboratory tests for diagnosis. Incidentally this disease is also connected to weight gain and a recent study, financed by the Life Extension Foundation, found that 40% of Americans are obese. Dr. David Brownstein in his recent book “Overcoming Thyroid Disorders”, claims that continued reliance on blood tests is still leaving millions of hypothyroid Americans untreated. Frequent exposure to thyroid poisons like compounds of fluorine, chlorine and bromine and establishment medicine’s fear of iodine has increased the average American’s risk of developing the disease.

Iodine is present in every cell of our bodies but most of it is concentrated in the thyroid gland and breast tissues. Thyroid hormones control metabolism. A normal gland secretes about a spoonful of hormone in a year. Iodine is an important component of thyroid hormones. If sufficient amounts of it are not available, production of hormones is reduced and hypothyroidism results.

The National Academy of Sciences set the RDA for iodine at 150 micrograms per day about 1943 and now the average intake is estimated to be 240 micrograms.  Before 1943 much larger amounts were prescribed and taken regularly by informed people. For example Albert Szent Georgyi, MD, PhD, who won a Nobel Prize in 1938 for discovering vitamin C, took grams of iodine to keep himself healthy. In his day physicians were taught: “If you don’t know where or why, prescribe KI (Potassium Iodide)”. Now they are taught that taking more than one milligram per day of Iodine is harmful and they warn their patients not to exceed that limit.

Japanese, considered to have the best health care in the world, do not fear Iodine. Their daily per capita intake was almost 14 mg in the l950s and rose to 43.8 mg in 2001 according to the Japanese Bureau of Public Health. Some of them who live near the sea shore ingest over 100 milligrams per day and they are reported to have the lowest breast cancer rates in Japan. Might the difference between 240 micrograms and 43.8 mg of iodine be important?

Dr. Donald Miller, Professor of Surgery at Washington University thinks so! He provided a wide ranging exposition of the importance of this element at the August 6, 2006 meeting of Doctors for Disaster Preparedness in Portland Oregon. He is comparison of American and Japanese health indicators should at least lead you to consider this possibility.

                                                 American          Japanese         

Life Expectancy (years)                      77.85              81.25

Infant Mortality Rate                             7.0                 3.5

Furthermore, the incidence of breast cancer in the United States is highest in the world and Japan has the lowest rate. About 40,000 American women are expected to die of breast cancer this year as well as a few thousand men.

Dr. Bruce West’s Health Alert of February 2006 reported that breasts are the second main glandular storage site for iodine after the thyroid gland and that the relationship between breast health and iodine has been known for more than 100 years. Fibrocystic breast disease is the most significant breast symptom of iodine deficiency. He claimed that it was not unusual for women, desperate with this condition, to wind up with no breast pain after 3 weeks of taking 50 mgs of iodine daily. 

Iodine deficiency disorders affect a great many people in this country. They range from the really serious, like Cretinism, through goiters to fatigue, depression, joint pain, cold intolerance, muscle aches and mental impairment.

Dr. Miller also suggested that the bone structure of modern day Cretins is so similar to that of Neanderthals that there is a very good chance that Neanderthals were not a separate species. They may have been simply iodine deficient Homo sapiens.

Body scans, using radioactive iodine, have shown that Iodine is present in the salivary glands, the stomach, the breasts, ovaries, thymus, the arterial and skeletal systems, etc. Furthermore it has been found to have many functions. All tissues in the body are more immune to disease when adequate iodine is present.  It is an antioxidant, kills unwanted germs in the stomach, triggers apoptosis (defective cell death), disposes of toxins and parasites and inactivates some allergens according to Dr. Miller.

Microgram amounts of iodine may be enough to support the production of thyroid hormones, but available evidence indicates that milligram amounts are required for optimal health. To avoid fibrocystic breast disease, help prevent cancer and protect yourself in the event of a nuclear attack you need milligrams of iodine. Gram amounts can be helpful for treatment of cardiovascular, dermatological, fungal and pulmonary diseases.

Radioactive iodine is sometimes used to calm an overactive thyroid gland. The radioactivity kills some of the cells. Otherwise surgery is used to remove part of the gland.

Iodine can be obtained in several forms. Potassium Iodide (KI) comes in a 130 milligram tablet containing 100 mg of Iodine. A saturated solution of Potassium Iodide (SSKI) contains 38 mg per drop. Lugol’s solution, 5 % Iodine and 10% Potassium Iodide contains 6.5 mg per drop. Iodoral tablets, 5% Iodine and 10% Potassium Iodide contain 12.5 mg. Two drops per day of Lugol’s solution is said to be beneficial.

In large amounts iodine is poisonous and can kill you, but small amounts can keep you healthy and, possibly, save your life. Side effects are said to be minor and easily remedied by lowering the dose. They include acne, metallic taste, excessive saliva, headaches and palpitations. If you are taking thyroid medication, Dr. West suggests that you ask your doctor to cut your dose in half when you start the iodine. Ultimately you may not need it at all.

A few people are allergic to iodine. If so, Dr. West suggests you try the Nambudripad treatment. You can find practitioners through

Jack Phillips - 30 September 2012

Jul 25th


By Jack Phillips
In 1787 Dr. Benjamin Rush warned the Founding Fathers that, unless freedom of choice in medical care was constitutionally protected, Americans would end up with no freedom of choice. He said:

“The Constitution of this Republic should make special provision for medical freedom. To restrict the art of healing to one class will constitute the Bastille of medical science. All such laws are un-American and despotic… Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution; the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship and force people, who wish doctors and treatments of their own choice, to submit to only what the dictating outfit offers.”

Our Supreme Court has approved Obamacare. After 100 years of increasing costs and decreasing quality, establishment medicine is to reign supreme. The American Medical Association and the Drug Industry, which together have taken an increasing toll of Americans lives and fortunes, have eliminated alternative medicine and will be in complete control. It is sad that effective, low cost medical technologies, which have been suppressed by our medical monopoly, could have substantially lowered our medical costs and increased quality as well. For example, Dr. Thomas Levy, MD, JD, a cardiologist, in his book “PRIMAL PANACEA”, has stated that if vitamin C was used properly, the cost of treating heart disease would plummet! What Dr. Rush predicted has come to pass, but with a macabre twist.

In 2001, according to a study commissioned by the Life Extension Foundation, iatrogenic diseases, those caused by the “health care” industry, caused over 784,000 deaths. The former leading cause of death was heart disease which caused about 700,000 deaths. The Affordable Care Act, recently blessed by our Supreme Court, delivers us to conventional medicine, The Number 1 Killer of Americans!  It excludes nutritional therapies, herbal remedies, naturopathic medicine and other healing arts.

We are left with “one size fits all” medicine to be controlled by politicians and economists. Technologies that actually cure cancer, like Dr, Stanislaw Burzinski’s anti-neoplastons, are in danger. Dr. Frederick Kleener’s intravenous vitamin C technology, which enabled him to cure 60 “incurable” Polio patients during the Polio epidemic, is already forbidden in many venues. A campaign against chelation therapy which treats hardening of the arteries and may provide protection against cancer is about to start,

According to Dr. William C. Douglass, the Drug Industry paid $70 million for two Pro Obama Care advertising campaigns and $150 million for TV advertisements coordinated with the White House. In return it may gain as much as $20 billions a year resulting from elimination of competition from re-importation of drugs. Leaked e-mails indicate it is business as usual in Washington: Money talks!! The AMA only offered $2 millions to protect physician’s incomes and their telephone calls weren’t returned!

Douglas says this program will add 30 million patients and an extra $1.76 trillion to our medical care bill over the next ten years and doesn’t provide for any more physicians. He predicts long waits at physicians’ offices, lower standards and higher insurance premiums.

Voters need to decide whether their elected representatives who voted for Obama care, without reading the bill, are worthy of reelection. Mitt Romney promised that, if elected, he will repeal this law. Don’t bet on it, however, because, according to Dr. Douglass, Romney created the program on which Obamacare is based.    

Unless Obama care is repealed, freedom to choose our medical services will disappear and, in my opinion, the health and life expectancy of Americans will suffer. Unless we  get together and demand that Freedom of Choice in Medical Care be protected by State Constitutional Amendments, costs of care will continue to spiral and our health will continue to deteriorate.

JACK PHILLIPS – 29 June 2012


May 24th


By Jack Phillips
According to Dr. W.C. Douglass’ Daily Dose on 22 May 2012, Dr. Otis Brawley, Chief Medical Officer of the American Cancer Society told a meeting of Health Journalists that conventional cancer treatments involve a subtle form of corruption aimed at maximizing profits.  He alleged that doctors routinely lie about the effectiveness of screenings and treatments including PSA tests, bone marrow transplants and chemotherapy. He stated that the system is set up to steer patients towards the most profitable treatments for the system, not the best treatments for the patients.

He also said that: “25 years after graduating from medical school I concluded that a lot of doctors are out to make a buck and a lot of doctors are out making stuff up as they go along. Readers need to recognize that this statement is unfair to many hard working and honest physicians.

It is a fact that State Medical Boards use their power under our laws to prevent physicians from using technologies that work. Lawmakers have underwritten this power by specifying, in some states, how cancer will be treated. Medicine at the point of a gun!

It should be noted that Medical Authorities have consistently opposed advances in medical science   effective against cancer when developed by enterprising physicians like Dr. William Frederick Koch, PhD, MD in 1920s, Dr. Virginia Livingston, MD in the 1940s and continuing to this day with Dr. Stanislaw Burzinski, MD. Nevertheless those who wage the War on Cancer continue to appeal for more money to seek elusive goals which are always “just around the corner”.

Taxpayer may also be interested in the fact that there is an approved, easy, low cost and effective treatment for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma which kills about 20,000 Americans yearly. It is low dose, whole body radiation via X – ray machines. Two studies at Harvard Medical School in the 1970s showed that it benefitted 75% of patients. More recently 84% of patients of Dr. Sakamoto in Japan who received 150 rads of X-rays in 10 or 15 rad doses survived for more than 13 years. Only 50% of those deprived of the treatment lived for 8 years. According to an authority at the National Institutes of Health, this treatment isn’t much used because “it is too easy”!

There are even indications that long continued exposure to low dose, whole body radiation provides protection against cancer, contrary to what our National Academy of Sciences and mainstream medical doctors would have you believe. About 10,000 Taiwanese exposed to 4000 millirems per year (mr/yr) or 40 milliSieverts (mSv) of radiation, from Cobalt 60 in rebar in their apartment buildings, for 20 years experienced a decreasing cancer death rate which averaged about 3.6 per 100,000 person years. (Average American receives 300 mr/yr or 3 mSv/yr from background radiation) The rest of the inhabitants of Taiwan experienced an increasing cancer death rate of 116 per 100,000 person years. These facts can be found in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons in 2004 in a report provided by 14 eminent Taiwanese scientists. They suggested that low dose, whole body radiation may have a prophylactic effect against cancer.

JACK PHILLIPS – 22 May 2012

Apr 17th

Beating The Disease

By august
To summarize, my aunt has diabetes, which affected her kidneys. I don't know everything exactly because I always avoid such sad topics, but I know enough to say that she is ill and that controlling her diet and lifestyle affects whether she lives longer or aggravates her condition. At some point, she realized that she wanted to live longer.

She changed her lifestyle, three-hundred and sixty degrees. She applied a strict diet based on what she needs to boost her health, avoiding what makes her ill. Her goal was to get her kidneys back. Impossible at it was, she did some physical exercises on a daily basis and did some tests often. She would go to the doctor every month or when needed and each time, her condition was improving - a real surprise to her doctor.

At some point, her visits to the doctor decreased, but she continued her routine. It has been eight years since. She found out recently that her kidney's function increased by 3%, putting her at the “safe zone” - safe but still in a condition that needed strict compliance to her changed lifestyle. What happened to my aunt was a revelation apart from being an inspiring story to tell. My custom essay here is an example. It's definitely not a miracle as the disease is still there, but she's fighting it. I believe each person can get something out of her ordeal and the way she is fighting it is simple.
Apr 2nd


By Jack Phillips
PRIMAL PANACEA by Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD, is a book which every American should read. It fully supports the theme of my book, SUPPRESSED MEDICAL SCIENCE, that suppressed medical science can lower the cost and increase the quality of medical care. As Levy says, medical reference books in physician’s offices reveal that there is no effective treatment for most, if not all, viral infections, but inexpensive vitamin C has proven to be a successful treatment and, in many cases a cure for most viral infections and many bacterial infections as well. He also says that heart disease is caused by a deficiency of vitamin C in arteries and that the cost of treating it would plummet if this fact were recognized.

Recently the people of New Zealand, aroused by a “60 Minutes” TV program, reacted against their Medical Establishment’s resistance to the use of vitamin C in hospitals and have now established their legal right to obtain this therapy. This may well encourage Australians to do likewise and, ultimately awaken Americans to what they have been missing.

The TV program covered the cases of a male New Zealander and a female Australian, both dying from Swine Flu, who were treated with intravenous high dose vitamin C infusions at the insistence of family members, against the advice of attending physicians, while on breathing machines in hospital Intensive Care Units. Both regained the ability to breathe for themselves and were removed from intensive care. Both began to deteriorate when their physicians terminated the vitamin C infusions.

The New Zealander’s family insisted on resumption of intravenous vitamin C and it was resumed, but at two grams per day instead of 100.  After transfer to a hospital closer to his home, the family had to hire an attorney to obtain infusions which again were limited to two grams per day. However his family gave him additional liposomal vitamin C and he fully recovered.

The Australian girl was not so fortunate. After removal from Intensive Care, her physician convinced her mother that additional vitamin C was dangerous and the girl died a few days later.

Even the Journal of the American Medical Association admits that drugs are a leading cause of death. About 100,000 Americans die every year from properly prescribed and properly taken drugs and another 80,000 from those improperly prescribed and/or taken. There have never been any deaths caused by vitamin C, which our own bodies would make inside us if we had not lost the capability eons ago.

Dr. Frederick Klenner, BS, MS, MD, documented his extensive use of vitamin C in about 28 scientific papers. For example he reported curing 60 polio patients with intravenous vitamin C during the Polio Epidemic, even though mainstream medicine still claims that it is an incurable disease.

Americans should also be benefitting from Dr. Klenner’s pioneering work by obtaining inexpensive vitamin C cures for many of the diseases which the Medical Establishment says are incurable. But the FDA has ordered the company that made the product that saved the New Zealander to stop producing it and, not being part of the standards of care, this technology is illegal to use in many states.

Jack Phillips, 31 March 2012
Mar 12th

MIT CLUB SPEECH In St Pete, Florida

By Jack Phillips

Note: This speech was delivered March 3, 2012 at the MIT Club in St Peteresurg, Florida/

I am a 94 year old retired engineer, aerospace technologist and grandfather concerned about the future of our grandchildren and the country that they will inherit. It is much different from the one my generation inherited. During my lifetime I have seen freedom significantly diminished and now I see freedom of choice in medical care disappearing. Declining ethical standards and politically modified science obscure the truth. So I will tell you what I believe to be true.

First I will tell you how we came to have the most expensive, poor quality medical care in the world.

Then I will tell you what I discovered about heart disease, polio and food supplements.

Finally I will propose a solution to our medical care problems.

In 1900 there were about 100,000 mainstream allopathic physicians in America who averaged about $750 per year. Those who taught medicine were better paid than those who practiced it.  Because they had performed poorly during the Asiatic cholera epidemics of the 1830s and a subsequent yellow fever epidemic, their customers revolted and forced repeal of medical licensing laws in the 1850s, but these laws were, once again, in force in 1900.

Attendance at medical schools cost about $150 per semester and entry was easy. Poor whites and blacks became physicians. With one physician per 500 persons, more than twice per capita than in Germany, their bargaining power was weak. From its beginning in 1847 with 255 members, the American Medical Association (AMA) sought to reduce competition. As the 19th century ended they saw an opportunity to better themselves when European researchers like Louis Pasteur in France and Friedrich Koch in Germany developed scientific medicine. But with only 9,000 members and in poor financial condition their capabilities were limited.

Conversion into a union in 1901 and “delicate” negotiations with the patent medicine companies removed the limitations. With Doc Simmons, who had been appointed editor of the AMA Journal in 1899, in charge, the AMA moved from a single rented room into a modern seven story brick and steel building in Chicago in 1902. This was ultimately staffed with 300 people. Increasing income from advertising in the Journal turned it into a cash cow and financed AMAs activities. “Join our union and we will raise your pay” was an effective inducement and almost every physician was an AMA member by 1925.This increased its political influence which was clearly established when an assessment of $25 per member was used to defeat a  Congressman who had openly exposed expansion of its powers.

With the objective of gaining control of medical schools, AMA’s Permanent Council on Medical Education was established in 1904.  In 1905 it arranged a conference of State Medical Boards which set standards for medical schools.  In 1906 the Council reviewed the status of medical education in 160 schools and rated 82 of them A, 46 B and 32 C.  In 1907 it induced the Carnegie Foundation to sponsor a comprehensive review of medical education.

Abraham Flexner, a graduate of Johns Hopkins University with no medical background, who happened to be the brother of Simon Flexner, a Director of the Rockefeller Institute of Medical Research, was hired to conduct the review. He was accompanied by Nathan Caldwell, the Chairman of the AMA’s Council. The Flexner Report, co-authored by Caldwell and issued in 1910, recommended closure of many medical schools, raised standards in others, installation of research laboratories and reduced enrollment of students.  Based on the report, State legislatures closed some non-AMA approved schools.

The installation of Scientific Medicine required capital investments beyond the capability of medical schools except for Johns Hopkins, the first medical school visited by Flexner. It had received grants from the Rockefeller Foundation which enabled it to establish European style medical research laboratories in advance of his visit. Overall between $300 and 600 million was contributed by John D Rockefeller and others to establish Scientific Medicine in America.

Homeopathic schools had a hard time even though homeopaths had performed well during cholera, yellow fever and flu epidemics.  Rockefeller himself was a homoeopathist and wanted to support them, but Frederick Gates, who distributed Rockefeller’s largesse, was convinced that Samuel Hahnemann, the father of Homeopathy, was insane and Samuel Flexner believed that he was a fraud. With little financial support, most homeopathic schools were forced to close. By 1940 even the Hahnemann Medical College in Philadelphia was teaching allopathic medicine except for a few courses in Homeopathy.    

In this way AMA’s most effective competition, 15,000 homeopaths,  who averaged about $1,500 per year in 1900 and a lesser number of eclectic physicians, like Eli Jones M.D., PhD, who cured his first cancer in 1869 and to whom physician went when they had cancer, were forced out of business.

Given a firm grip on medical education and practice by supporting laws, the AMA proceeded to make medicine more profitable for physicians by decreasing competition between them and periodically facilitating price increases for their services. By 1925 there were only 63 medical schools and the average physician was well off. Now General Practitioners make about $200,000 per year and some Surgeons as much as $900,000. It also feathered its own nest and has an income of over $200 million a year partly derived from its copyright on the six digit code physician’s use for billing Medicare.   

Incidentally its drug company allies also continually increased their prices as well and, using patent protection for new drugs, increased their profits. For example, in 2002 Life Extension magazine reported that the raw materials for a  Prozac prescription retailing for $247 cost only $0.11.  Recently it was reported that the $35 billion profits of five drug companies in the S&P 500 exceeded the profits of the rest of the companies in that index. According to other reports, about 2% of that was spent on Congressional relations, about $700,000,000, and $300,000,000 more went directly to the FDA.

The result in 2009 was a $2 trillion medical care bill, at least 180,000 deaths from medications alone, and 700,000 bankruptcies. Iatrogenic disease has become the third leading cause of death. M.D does not mean Medical Deity, but it does confer a license to kill within the limits of the Standards of Care. I do not find “First do no harm” in the Hippocratic Oath and there is evidence that many physicians will let patients die rather than use “unapproved” therapies.        

During my lifetime I have seen many changes in medical care. In my youth physicians came to the homes of sick patients. My mother accomplished my breech delivery at home with a physician visiting from time to time. In 1919 surgery was performed on me at home by two physicians with me lying on a kitchen table. They put me to sleep with a splash of ether on a washcloth held above my face with a kitchen strainer.  Physicians were expected to take care of sick people, whether or not they could pay, and they did. Now sick people travel to emergency rooms or physician’s offices and a receptionist makes sure that payment for services will be forthcoming before the services are rendered. My parents were not wealthy and they never had or needed medical insurance before the Medicare Program provided it.

The diseases that kill Americans have also changed. In 1900, when 40 % of Americans lived on farms and millers began removing wheat germ containing vitamins E and B-6 from flour to extend the shelf life of bread, only one in seven deaths were attributed to heart disease and stroke.  Most people died from infectious diseases. Before 1920, when many farmers were bankrupted and driven off their farms, atherosclerosis, hardening of the arteries, the initiation of heart diseases, was rarely encountered by physicians. But In the 1940s heart disease death rates increased sharply. Heart disease began to kill more than one in every two Americans.

In 1943 the Research Council of the National Academy of Sciences published recommended daily requirements for vitamins and minerals, minimum allowances to prevent deficiency diseases in healthy young adults. They didn’t apply to people over forty, but the medical establishment declared that these, and a balanced diet, were all anyone needed to maintain good health and the FDA began a series of attempts to make more than these amounts available only with a physician’s prescription. The allowance for vitamin C was about 60 milligrams, enough to prevent the fatal disease, scurvy, in which bodies start to fall apart. Vitamin C is an important water soluble antioxidant and analgesic and one of the few antivirals.

Dr. Frederick Klenner who earned BS and MS degrees in biochemistry before attending medical school graduated from Duke in 1936 and began a long career during which he used injections of gram quantities of the sodium salt of ascorbic acid, vitamin C, to cure many diseases including Polio. His 60 Polio patients were cured in a few days and none were paralyzed. Although this feat was announced at a meeting of the American Medical Association and recorded in its Journal, few physicians used his technology, possibly because Dr. Sabin, who was developing a Polio vaccine, reported that the procedure didn’t work on a monkey. Vitamin C is not effective unless taken in adequate amounts for a sufficiently long period of time.

Klenner’s pregnant patients took 4 to 15 grams of vitamin C per day and 80% got a booster injection of 10 grams on entering the hospital for delivery. Their labor was shorter and less painful than normal and their infants were robust and had no feeding problems.

Notably the CLINICAL GUIDE TO THE USE OF VITAMIN C by Lendon Smith, M.D., which summarizes Klenner’s technology, contains nothing about heart disease. Could it be because his watch word was: “When in doubt give vitamin C”?

Long ago scientists noted that most wild animals do not get atherosclerosis or have heart attacks but there are a few, for example the guinea pig, which, like humans, have anascorbemia (inability to make vitamin C for themselves). These few get heart attacks. Pioneering research by Dr. C. G. Willets in Canada in the 1940s proved that all animals unable to make their own vitamin C internally developed atherosclerosis if deprived of it and that supplying adequate amounts of the vitamin reversed the disease in laboratory animals. His work was published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal in 1957.

In 1945 Dr. Evan Schute and his brother began studying the effects of vitamin E on heart disease in Canada. This vitamin is an oil soluble antioxidant and blood thinner. They published ALPHA TOCOPHEROL IN CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE in 1954, disclosing the results of treating more than 10,000 patients, because medical journals refused to publish their scientific papers and the National Research Council of Canada refused to register their manuscript. Most heart specialists condemned therapeutic use of vitamin E on first sight, but finally began taking it themselves and some even recommended it to their patients.

After World War II, in an attempt to help Navy shipyard workers suffering with lead poisoning from painting ships with red lead primer, enterprising physicians used infusions of ethelenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) to remove the lead. They were successful beyond their expectations. Not only did the symptoms of lead poisoning disappear, but so did those of cardiovascular disease.  Furthermore a Swiss study of the effects of automobile exhaust fumes found that chelation therapy appeared to protect against cancer as well.

In 1966 the AMA stated that chelation was useless because it was not long lasting. The American College for the Advancement of Medicine (ACAM) claimed that chelation was an effective treatment for cardiovascular disease. In 1998 the Federal Trade Commission convinced a court to put ACAM on probation for 20 years because it did not have two double blind studies to prove the claim. In 2000 the Berkeley, Harvard and Mayo Clinic newsletters condemned chelation therapy.

In 1955 a Vanderbilt University study by W. J. Darby and W. J. McGanity concluded that poor diet had no effect on pregnant women or their babies unless it resulted in deficiency disease. Physicians soon began telling their pregnant patients that they shouldn’t gain more than 17 pounds, dietary supplements were needless and extravagant and to use diuretics to lose weight if necessary.  The outcome was lots of low birth weight babies with a high percentage of neurological disabilities said to have been especially vulnerable to neurological damage from childhood vaccines.

In 1953 and again in 1958 the FDA attacked “myths” such as: disease is caused by faulty diet; over-processed food and sub-clinical deficiencies. In 1961 FDA commissioner George Landry said: “the most widespread and expensive quack in the US is the promotion of vitamins and food supplements”.  In 1969 a white House conference on food nutrition and health concluded that the teaching of nutrition in medical, dental and nursing schools was inadequate. Nevertheless the FDA continued to campaign, with the support of the AMA, against improving the American diet with health foods and dietary supplements. In 1970 the FDA proclaimed that vitamins and minerals, promoted as treatments or cures for disease, were drugs. In 1977 the Deputy Director of the National Cancer Institute noted that the role of nutrition in disease was recognized only for specific syndromes like beri beri, scurvy and rickets. About the same time an FDA news release stated that “there is no solid evidence that vitamin E is good for heart disease in humans and that a deficiency is highly improbable”. It also stated that there is no sound scientific basis of the need for vitamins if you have a reasonably normal diet and that the statement that all people need to supplement their diet with vitamins and minerals is nutritional quackery.

In 1975 Richard Passwater, PhD, a biochemist published the results of a survey of 18,000 readers of PREVENTION magazine which indicated that readers, who took 400 IU of vitamin E per day for long periods of time, substantially reduced their risk of heart attacks. He predicted that the heart disease death rate should start to fall and it did.

Drs. Linus Pauling and Mattius Rath in the l980s confirmed and extended Willets’ work on vitamin C. They found that, what they called Lpa, or lipoprotein a, was present in the blood of animals unable to manufacture their own vitamin C and it was an adhesive compound which the body used to strengthen damaged areas on artery walls. They suggested that atherosclerosis was pre-scurvy in a paper which was accepted for publication by the National Academy of Sciences and then rejected. It was later published in the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine along with three other papers which reported success in treating angina with gram quantities of lysine. Lysine is an essential amino acid which, with vitamin C and proline, which humans can make for themselves, is required to produce collagen. MEDLINE, the main source of information for American physicians, has refused to abstract articles from the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine for over 35 years.

Despite all efforts to discourage American food supplement consumption, it increased and heart disease death rates declined. In 1970 the age adjusted death rate was 559 per 100,000 and in 2005 it was 211 per 100,000.  If this decline continues, Cancer will soon become the number one killer of Americans.

Congress passed the Dietary Supplement Health and Education act in 1994 to protect access to food supplements, but the FDA is trying hard to circumvent it. For several years it has participated in development of the UN’s Codex Alimentarious, food code, and is laying the groundwork for its introduction into US law.  It is currently engaged in efforts to make our food and drug laws consistent with those of Canada and Mexico which have already adopted Codex. Furthermore the World Trade Organization treaty requires Codex to be enforced in the US as do a few other treaties. Bills to put Codex into effect have been introduced in Congress for several years.

If Codex becomes effective here, it will severely limit access to food supplements.  It permits purchase of only a limited number of them in RDA quantities. More than RDA amounts will require a physician’s prescription and physicians are generally not well trained in nutrition.

Some people in this country, for example those who have recovered their sanity with Orthomolecular Psychiatry, require much more than RDA amounts of a number of food supplements.  If these are no longer available, they will be forced to accept the life of physical and mental deterioration that results from conventional treatment with psychoactive drugs.

Unfortunately time is running out as the influences which are seeking control of “health care” almost have it with Obamacare already a part of our law.  The freedom to control our own health is almost lost. But we still have a chance to regain some lost freedom by following the advice of one of our founding fathers, Dr. Benjamin Rush, a signer of the Declaration of Independence and one of George Washington’s Surgeon Generals. He proposed, in 1787, that freedom of choice in medical care receive Constitutional protection. He said:

“Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship and force people, who wish doctors and treatments of their own choice, to submit to what the dictating outfit offers.”

What he foresaw has come to pass! What we need now, to protect our health and the health of our children and grandchildren, is enactment of Benjamin Rush Amendments to the Constitutions of every State in the union to insure freedom of choice in medical care to patients and practitioners.

                                                                                    JACK PHILLIPS – 3 March 2012



Feb 10th


By Jack Phillips

Recent reports would have us believe that salmon have suddenly become radioactive as the result of the leakage of radioactivity from the Fukushima nuclear plant disaster in Japan. But salmon have always been radioactive because they contain radioactive potassium just like we do. Have they become more radioactive as the result of the release of 26 billion Becquerel (Bq) into the Pacific Ocean as reported by Tepco?  Unlikely when you consider that this is less than one Curie (Ci) of radioactivity and the oceans contain over 400 billion Ci of radioactivity, 380 from Potassium, 87 from rubidium and 1 from Uranium 238.

The Curie named after Madame Curie, the discoverer of radium, is the activity of one gram of Radium 226. This is defined as 37 billion disintegrations per second.  The Becquerel is defined as one disintegration per second. Radioactive atoms lose protons or neutrons from their nuclei in the process of disintegration to become different elements with lower atomic weight. When Potassium 40 disintegrates, 11 gamma rays, 89 beta rays and 23 delta rays are produced during every 100 disintegrations.  Every cell in our bodies contains a tiny amount of radioactive Potassium.

According to reports, Madame Curie was in the habit of carrying some radium with her wherever she went and she was highly radioactive herself as a result of years of working with radioactive substances. Electrometers discharged when she came near them according to reports. Nevertheless, she exceeded her normal life expectancy by ten years. Her experience lends support to Dr. T.D. Luckey’s opinion that we need more radiation than normal background radiation provides.   

It is easy to be confused about ionizing radiation because few people know much about it and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards are sometimes unrealistic. For example, the EPA’s “level of concern” is listed as one millirem/year (mr/y) and its proposed maximum exposure is 100 mr/y, but the average American is exposed to a natural background radiation of 300 mr/y. Furthermore the limit for drinking water is 0.185 Bq/ Liter (Bq/L) but rainwater in Santa Fe has been measured at 33 Bq/L and over 200 samples of Maine drinking water averaged 1987 Bq/L.  A recent measurement of 20 Bq/L in California rain water was high, when compared with EPA standards, but low in relation to Maine drinking water samples.

Concern that sterilization of food with radioactive cobalt will make it radioactive is misplaced. Furthermore our food is already radioactive because it naturally contains radioactive potassium.  It is notable that “contaminated milk” analyzed during the Three Mile Island nuclear emergency contained only 0.814 Bq/L. This isn’t much compared with uncontaminated whiskey at 44 Bq/L and salad oil at 181 Bq/L. Even the air we breathe contains an average of 0.074 Bq/L.

Background radiation in America averages about 300 mr/y or 3 millisieverts (mSv) per year but people living on the Colorado Plateau are exposed to double that amount. Russians were evacuated from the Chernobyl area when background levels exceeded 500 mr/y, 100 mr/y lower than Colorado residents consider normal. On the other hand Iranians in Ramsari experience an average of 48,000 mr/y and people have been living in that town for over 2,000 years and eating food that is three times as radioactive as American food.

Radon is the major source of radiation for the average American at 200 mr/y. Radioactive Potassium inside your body generates 39 mr/y and is next in importance. Another 39 mr/y comes from medical X-rays. Radioactive elements in the soil provide 28 mr/y and cosmic rays another 27. Nuclear medicine provides 14 mr/y and exposure to consumer goods 10mr/y. Total average dose is estimated to be 363 mr/yr. Nuclear power plants provide less than 1mr/yr.

The National Academy of Sciences and the EPA would like you to believe that exposure to Radon is dangerous to your health, but Professor Bernard Cohen found that exposure to it in American homes appeared to be protecting people from lung cancer.

Furthermore, believe it or not, 20 years of exposure to 4.000 mr/y or 40 mSv/y of radiation from Cobalt in rebar in apartment building protected 10,000 people in Taiwan from cancer. Their cancer death rate was 3.5/ 100,000 person years and decreasing while the rest of the Taiwanese experienced a death rate of 116 per 100,000 person years which was increasing.

Calculations of excess deaths from “collective doses” of radiation from the Chernobyl disaster are based on an invalid equation and, as a result, the dead bodies of the victims have never been found.  A simple illustration of the illogic is provided by Ed. Hiserodt: If 100 aspirin tablets is a lethal dose and 100 people take one aspirin, one of them will die. Nevertheless, the Health Physics and Radiological Health Handbook, would like you to believe that 4.5 people will die because the Global Collective Dose of Carbon 14 from nuclear power plants is 18,000 person-Sieverts and 4,000 person-Sieverts causes one excess death (according  to collective dose theory). The French National Academy of Sciences’ opinion: “…analysis of biological data confirms the inappropriateness of the collective dose concept to evaluate population irradiation risks”

Finally the LNT, Low No Threshold Theory, has been masquerading too long. It is not and has never qualified as a theory. It was always an hypothesis because there was never any data supporting it.  In fact Professor Cohen hoped to find that lung cancer death rates increased with increasing exposure to Radon during his EPA funded study. That would have validated the LNT.  He spent a couple of years trying to make the data agree with the low no threshold hypothesis, but was unsuccessful. Instead he proved, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that increasing low dose, whole body ionizing radiation from Radon in American homes was associated with reduced lung cancer deaths. The French National Academy of Sciences also is on record, with a unanimous report which says: “the use of LNT in the low dose or dose rate range is not consistent with the current radiobiological knowledge”.

For more information see UNDEREXPOSED by Ed Hiserodt , RADIATION HORMESIS by Dr. T.D. Luckey or my book, SUPPRESSED MEDICAL SCIENCE.

JACK PHILLIPS – 9 February 2012

Dec 15th


By Jack Phillips

The National Institutes of Mental Health estimates that about 1 % of Americans have the disease of perception which is called schizophrenia. Other sources suggest that 2.4% are schizophrenic and another 2.6% are bipolar. Medical scientists like Linus Pauling, Abram Hoffer and Humphrey Osmund have concluded that these diseases have a cause and can be cured. In fact Dr. Abram Hoffer, Ph.D., M.D., now deceased, claimed to have cured 5,000 of such patients with orthomolecular psychiatry and turned them into taxpayers.

In Florida most psychiatrists accept the findings of the American Psychiatric Association (APA) that schizophrenia has no known cause and no cure. As a result, in 2007, Florida spent $250 million supporting mentally ill citizens in jails and an additional $70 million building more jail cells. Under the influence of psychoactive drugs, they deteriorate physically and mentally and die an early death using up tax derived dollars in the process. Only 10% of American schizophrenics recover enough to pay taxes according to Dr. Hoffer.

It is hard to understand how the APA could disregard the positive results of six double blind studies that proved that ordinary psychiatry plus orthomolecular medicine was capable of curing over 75% of schizophrenic patients. Over 80% of medical procedures do not have this kind of proof according to the Congressional Office of Technology Assessment. Perhaps, as suggested by Loren R. Mosher, M.D., a distinguished psychiatrist, when he resigned from the APA in 1998, “psychiatry has been almost completely bought out by the drug companies”. Orthomolecular medicine uses small amounts of drugs and large amounts of food supplements.

Most schizophrenics, 95% according to Hoffer, are curable if treated soon after diagnosis. They are generally above average people and capable of making valuable contributions to society. One schizophrenic student, assigned to him by a Judge after being convicted of shooting at passing automobiles, graduated after this treatments and subsequently  became head of a psychiatric institution.

APA’s rejection of Orthomolecular Psychiatry over 50 years ago, caused millions of mentally ill Americans, who could have been cured, to use up tax money while deteriorating under the influence of mind altering drugs.  American taxpayers might consider asking the APA to reconsider its objections and help balance the budget.

JACK PHILLIPS – 15 December 2011

Nov 12th

We Need More Radiation

By Jack Phillips
Ionizing radiation is inescapable. Every American is naturally radioactive. Every cell in our bodies contains radioactive Potassium which we replenish every day when we eat our naturally radioactive food. Other radioactive elements are lodged in our bones. Radiation from radioactive elements in the earth and Radon gas provides us with an average of three mille Sieverts per year (mSv/yr) of background radiation, six if we live on the Colorado Plateau.  Cosmic rays add to the exposure.  If you live at an elevation of 1,000 feet, it has been estimated that one of them will hit every cell in your body every day.  In Ramsar, Iran people eat food that is three times as radioactive as our food and live in an environment where background radiation levels reach 48 mSv/yr. Cancer rates in Ramsar are reported to be lowest in those parts of the town with the highest radiation levels. RADIATION HORMESIS, a reference book by T. D. Luckey, has loads of data proving that ionizing radiation can be good for you.

Since 1985 it has been known that whole body exposure to low doses of ionizing radiation from radon gas in American homes reduced lung cancer death rates [1]. Since 2004 it has been known that twenty years of whole body exposure to about 40 mSv/yr of ionizing radiation, from radio Cobalt in rebar of Taiwanese apartment buildings, reduced cancer death rates and deaths from all causes, as well as birth defects [2].

On the other hand, our National Academy of Sciences warns us that even extremely low doses of ionizing radiation, can cause cancer [3] based on the LNT hypothesis which lacks supporting data. Massachusetts Institute of Technology scientists used this linear extrapolation of risk model to predict an upper estimate of the additional risk of cancer due to exposure to 20 mSv/yr of this radiation [4].  They calculated the additional risk to be 0.2%. This is a small addition to the 42% risk Japanese already face from “natural causes”. They noted that this estimate is expected to be high by a factor of 2 to 10 because a dose received over a year should have less of an impact than an instantaneous dose. Consequently the LNT hypothesis itself forecasts a negligibly small additional risk of children in Fukushima acquiring cancer in later life if they are exposed to 20 mSv/yr in schools.

 Our medical establishment has proven that  X-rays,  focused on small areas of our bodies, can damage cells and cause cancer. Unfortunately, this fact is obscuring what is probably the most important medical discovery of the 20th century: That a low dose of ionizing radiation distributed over the whole body during a long period of time stimulates our immune  and  DNA repair systems and that we need more of it than we are getting for optimum health. In other words, we are UNDEREXPOSED as Ed Hiserodt tells us in his book with that name!!

Why would our National Academy of Sciences provide us with a half truth? Is it promoting politically modified science to serve political purposes? For example we have laws which require the removal of Radon, which can reduce lung cancer death rates, from our homes. We have politicians whose supporters do not want us to have access to thousands of years of low cost electrical power. We have a medical establishment which would lose $billions a year if Americans didn’t get so many cancers and if a simple low cost cure were available.

Incidentally there is an approved and effective low dose, whole body X - ray treatment for non Hodgkin’s lymphoma, based on Harvard Medical School studies in 1975 and 1977. It is not often used because, according to an authority at the National Institutes of Health, “it is too easy”.

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JACK PHILLIPS – 12 November 2011