Feb 7th


By Stephen Miller

In 2005 unelected bureaucrats imposed their version of Codex Alimentarious (The Food Supplements Directive originated years ago by Otto von Bismarck in Germany) on   750, 000 Europeans.  This limited both the varieties of food supplements that Europeans could purchase without a doctor’s prescription and the amounts available for over-the-counter purchases. The officially stated objective was to “simplify the trade in natural remedies and to give clear health advice to consumers”. But what it actually accomplished was destruction of the European health food industry and revocation of the right of individuals to avoid malnutrition and treat physical and mental illnesses with what Linus Pauling, an American Nobel laureate, called orthomolecular medicine. This has been defined as the use of the right kind of molecules, natural to our bodies, to cure diseases. It is consistent with “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food”, the dictum of Hippocrates of Cos, the father of Medicine. In contrast medical monopolies in both Europe and America would have us believe that only drugs can cure disease.

In 2011 this European tragedy’s second act will begin. On April Fools Day, according to  Nutrition and Mental Health, the newsletter of the International Schizophrenia Foundation, virtually all herbs are slated to become illegal for Europeans to buy without a prescription. No kidding, on that day the European Directive on Traditional Medicinal Herbal Products, again authored by anonymous, unelected officials, will be imposed on the people of Europe. The directive is allegedly “in response to rising concerns over adverse effects of herbal medicines”. More accurately the response is concern over the increasing use of such products instead of pharmaceuticals. In the United States reported adverse side effects of herbs are miniscule in relation to those from prescription drugs and the hundreds of thousands of deaths due to prescription drugs compare with a few deaths per year for herbals.

The Europeans Union intends to use the same strategy as the FDA uses in this country to discourage competition.  Although many herbs have been used safely and effectively for thousands of years, it will require individual multi-million-dollar clinical trials to prove their safety and effectiveness before they can be marketed. Furthermore, according to the directive, only licensed herbalist will have access to herbs that gain approval. Even common peppermint is slated to be classified as a drug with a control number and the requirement that it be dispensed in a childproof bottle.

Many Americans do not realize that our membership in the International Trade Organization requires that our Federal government make the Codex Alimentarious effective in the United States. Some of our politicians have introduced bills in both houses of Congress to establish Codex in our legal system. So far their efforts have been unsuccessful, but they keep trying year after year.  If they are successful not only will our domestic medical monopoly reap multi-billion dollar benefits, but so also will the federal government. Life expectances of Americans will continue to decrease and ultimately the Social Security and Medicare Programs unfunded liabilities could disappear. Limiting access to vitamin C and D3 in more than RDA amounts could, by itself substantially increase the incidence and severity of many diseases.

Lederer, in his book “A Nation of Sheep” suggests what Americans may be becoming.  If we do not rise up to the challenge of the Codex Alimentarious, we could face shearings and slaughter. The freedom that our forefathers bequeathed to us cost many of them their lives and fortunes. It is painful to think that we have become so dependent that we would let it slip through our fingers and lose it for our descendants without at least putting up a fight.

The recently established FREEDOM OF CHOICE IN MEDICAL CARE FOUNDATION recommends enactment of a Constitutional amendment, initiated by the citizens of every state, as the only viable means of countering assaults on our physical and mental health and welfare. Please join it to help enact the RUSH Amendment in 2013. It is named in honor of Dr. Benjamin Rush, one of the Founding Fathers of our country, who foresaw the need for Constitutional protection of freedom of choice in medical care in 1787. Contributions of money or time, particularly for programming of the website, are needed.  IRS recognition as a tax exempt organization has been requested.


The FREEDOM OF CHOICE IN HEALTH CARE FOUNDATION’S website  …….    Is set up to help volunteers establish cooperating organizations in their home states                               

                                    JACK PHILLIPS 4 February 2011