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By Marilyn
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May 16th


By Jack Phillips


The American Heart Association (AHA) recently forecast that costs of treating heart disease would triple in the next twenty years. The CEO of that organization, Nancy Brown, blamed unhealthy environments and unhealthy behaviors for causing increasing risk factors among Americans. She urged early intervention and evidence based public policies to reduce the impacts of obesity, hypertension, tobacco use and cholesterol levels on requirements for heart disease treatments. On the other hand, historical data show that heart disease death rates have been decreasing for quite a few years and that there have been substantial changes in the importance of heart disease in American medical practice during the 20th century.  Is it possibly that there are factors affecting the incidence of heart disease in America which the AHA does not include in their calculations?


J.N Morris, M. D., in a Lancet article, wrote that there was probably more arteriosclerosis in 1910 than in 1950, but few died from coronary thrombosis in 1910. The mild form of the disease, evidence of which has been found in Egyptian mummies, does not cause blockages or blood clots.   Other physicians believed that mild atherosclerosis existed but was rare. The first three case reports of coronary thrombosis were provided in 1886 by George Dock, M. D. Six more cases were reported in the JAMA by J. B. Herrick, M.D., in 1912. In 1920 most medical students learned about coronary thrombosis after finishing their formal training. There were no cardiologists in the early years of the twentieth century!


In 1900 heart disease and stroke were responsible for one in seven deaths in the United States. Paul Dudley White imported the first electrocardiograph and established the first cardiology laboratory in the United States in 1914. In 1944 the modern electrocardiograph appeared. An epidemic of heart disease became evident in 1946.  In 1957 “Alpha Tocopherol (vitamin E) in Cardiovascular Disease” was published by the Shutes.  Cholesterol was identified as a major component of plaque and, in 1960, physicians began monitoring blood cholesterol. By 1963 heart disease and stroke were responsible for 547,000 deaths, more that 50% of total deaths in the United States. Between 1970 and 2005 heart disease death rates decreased substantially.


There is reason to believe that changes in the food supply duing the last century contributed to the deteriorating health of Americans. In 1900 most American lived on farms and had access to fresh vegetables and meat from free ranging farm animals. By 1946 few Americans lived on farms and most of them were eating processed foods containing little or no vitamins C, E and B-6.  

Canadian researchers proved that all animals, that didn’t make their own vitamin C internally, developed atherosclerosis when deprived of it. This indicates that deficiencies in this vitamin increase the risk of death from heart disease. They also found that increasing vitamin C in the diet of animals with atherosclerosis would cure the disease.

In the late 1800s millers began removing vitamins B-6 and E from flour by degerming wheat to extend shelf life of breads and cereals. This became a common practice after 1900. Richard Passwater in his 1975 book “Megavitamin Therapy “suggests that heart disease mortality during kept pace with replacement of butter, which contained vitamin E, with margarine and processed unsaturated oils which did not contain it. In 1957 margarine consumption surpassed butter with 8.6 pounds of margarine and 8.3 pounds of butter per person per year.

In 1946 Americans were also using 14.1 pounds of poly unsaturated oils per year. In 1955 usage rose to 17.7 pounds and in 1963 it reached 19 pounds per person per years.  Although these oils, in small amounts, are required for good health, in large amounts they have deleterious effects on human hearts. Hydrogenation of these oils to produce margarine results in unhealthy transfats.  Nevertheless the FDA permitted margarine manufacturers to claim that their products were heart healthy.

In 1975 Passwater predicted that increasing use of supplemental vitamin E, 10 to 20 million Americans were reported to be using it in 1974, would have a beneficial effect on death rates.  In fact, age adjusted heart disease death rates declined from 559 per 100,000 in 1970 to 211 per 100,000 in 2005. In 2010 reports indicate that about 44% of Americans are taking food supplements regularly.


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the American Medical Association (AMA) consistently discouraged the use of food supplements after 1950. They maintained that the National Academy of Sciences’ (NAS) recommended daily allowances (RDAs), amounts of vitamins and minerals just sufficient to protect healthy young men from dietary deficiency diseases like scurvy, were all anyone needed to remain healthy.

The Canadian medical establishment prevented the Schute brothers from publishing the results of their research on vitamin E and heart disease in medical journals. The seminal paper of Linus Pauling and Mattius Rath, which labeled atherosclerosis as pre-scurvy, was accepted by the Proceedings of the NAS and then rejected. It was subsequently published in the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine with related papers showing that occluded arteries could be cleared and angina and other heart diseases could be cured with vitamin C and the essential amino acid lysine. MEDLINE a major source of information for physicians has refused to abstract this journal for over 35 years. This prevented American physicians from learning about Pauling’s theory and their patients from benefitting from its application.

Instead of correcting deficiencies in the diets of heart disease patients, the physicians  demonized saturated fats and cholesterol, an alcohol, the raw material for production of vitamin D-3, sex hormones and the myelin sheathing of nerves and saturated fats. Patients were told to avoid eggs and saturated fats like butter and lard. Is it possible that, as a result of this misdirection, heart disease and deaths from heart disease  increased until informed patient began disregarding the advice of their physicians and Government agencies, loaded up on vitamins C and E and brought the death rate down?


Recognizing that food supplements were replacing drugs the pharmaceutical industry began acquiring supplement manufacturers and looking for ways to reduce public access to supplements. A United Nations project to standardize foods provided an opportunity.

For several years bills have been offered in the House of Representatives and the Senate to put the United Nation’s Codex Alimentarious (Food Code), now enforced in several countries, into effect in the United States.  Our membership in the International Trade Organization requires this as does other international treaties. Codex is already enforced in United Nations countries. Strong resistance from organized groups of Americans has, so far, prevented passage of these bills.

If Codex becomes law, Americans will need to have a physicians prescription to obtain more than the NAS specified RDAs of vitamins and minerals. The RDA for vitamin C is 60 milligrams per day for adults.  This amount is considered to be inadequate, particularly for sick people. The RDA for vitamin E for adults is 15  international units (IU),  The Shutes recommended 400 IU as an initial dose for protection against heart disease. Already physicians are attempting to convince their patients that vitamins and minerals, food supplements, are drugs even though they are usually untrained in and frequently uninterested in nutrition.


It is reasonable to believe that Americans were able to decrease heart disease death rates by disregarding the advice of the medical establishment and supplementing their diets with vitamins C and E. It would appear to be in their best interests to secure their right to freedom of choice in medical care by every means possible. Their freedom of access to food supplements to make up for the deficiencies of the Standard American Diet is threatened by Congressional efforts to install the Codex Alimentarious as American law. Every State Constitution should protect the rights of citizens to FREEDOM OF CHOICE IN MEDICAL CARE. Without such protection history shows that everyone’s health is at risk!

                                                                        JACK PHILLIPS – 11 MAY 2011      


Apr 23rd


By Jack Phillips

The good news is that if you are properly diagnosed and treated within two years of the onset of your disease, you have a very good chance of being cured in a relatively short time with orthomolecular psychiatry.

The bad news is that physicians practicing orthomolecular psychiatry are few and hard to find.

Over 40 years ago Abram Hoffer, PhD, M.D. and Dr. Humphrey Osamund proved that schizophrenia was curable with orthomolecular psychiatry by the first double blind study in the history of psychiatry. About 75% of treated patients were free of disease for more than ten years. These results were confirmed with 5 more double blind studies. Dr. Hoffer, now deceased, cured 5,000 schizophrenia patients, turning them into taxpayers instead of wards of the state, during his lifetime. He told me that 95% of such patients were curable if they were properly diagnosed and treated with orthomolecular psychiatry within two years of the onset of their disease. One of his patients, a graduate student in Canada who ran afoul of the law by shooting at passing automobiles, after being turned over to Hoffer for treatment, was cured and went on to become head of a group of psychiatrists.

Why are orthomolecular psychiatrists hard to find?  Possibly because the Psychiatrists’ Union has decided that it is more profitable to treat mental patients with drugs.  A schizophrenic patient is worth $2 million to $4 million of income to the “health care” industry over his/her 40 year lifetime according to Dr. Hoffer.

It is interesting that the natural cure rate of serious mental disease is about 50%. This rate was achieved in England and by the American Quakers in their asylum near Philadelphia in the 1860s. Unfortunately, according to Dr. Hoffer, the recent, actual cure rate in the United States was only about 10%.

It takes a long time to change technology in the medical field, it took about 40 years for American medical establishment obstetricians to adopt Oliver Wendell Holmes 1843 recommendation that they wash their hands to reduce the incidence of child bed fever in their women patients. Boston Lying In Hospital made it a requirement in 1883. It is now over 40 years since Hoffer and Osmun developed their cure.

                                                  JACK PHILLIPS – 21 APRIL 2011

Mar 26th


By Jack Phillips

The current furor about the danger of the Fukushima nuclear power plant to the nearby Japanese and to Americans is the result of general ignorance about the effects of low levels of radioactivity on people.  Ignorance breeds fear and in the case of radioactivity unwarranted fear.

The origin of this unwarranted fear is an assumption which happens to have been proven wrong years ago.  The assumption, made by one of our most competent scientists, Linus Pauling, PhD, twice a Nobel laureate, appeared to be reasonable at the time it was made, soon after the effects of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki had been analyzed.  The analysis was summarized in a chart showing a linear correlation between radiation exposure and cancer rates for high levels of exposure, but there was no data at low levels of radiation exposure.  At the meeting of eminent scientists convened by our National Academy of Sciences to determine what to do about the missing data at low levels, Pauling proposed that zero exposure to radiation should result in zero cancers and that, therefore, the linear correlation found for high levels of radiation exposure should be extended to zero.  Although objections were offered, according to reports, Pauling’s idea was adopted.  This hypothesis was quickly, and wrongly, presented to the public as the LNT theory which stated that there was no lower limit to the cancer causing effects of ionizing radiation. It was not a valid theory because there was no experimental evidence proving that it was a correct hypothesis!

Years later a well funded project was initiated to supply the missing data. It turned out to be the largest environmental study ever mounted up to that time.  It was under the direction of Bernard Cohen, PhD, a physicist at the University of Pittsburg.  Data on Radon exposure and cancer rates were collected for almost every county in the United States. Dr. Cohen was confident that he would be able to prove the LNT “theory” correct, but unfortunately the data indicated that cancer rates decreased as Radon exposure increased.  After about two years of attempts to correct the data to make it fit the “theory” he gave up and, as he reported at a meeting of Doctors for Disaster Preparedness, turned off his $12,000 basement ventilation system to save electricity.

To the best of my knowledge and belief, our National Academy of Sciences still maintains that the LNT “theory” is correct, although the French National Academy of Sciences has rejected it. Furthermore laws requiring Radon testing and basement ventilation are still being enforced in the United States.

There has been considerable amount of research on the utilization of low levels of ionizing radiation in the United States and in Japan. In 1975 the Harvard Medical School tested low dose whole body radiation as a treatment for non Hodgkin’s lymphoma patients and found that it was beneficial. They repeated their test in 1977 with slight better results. In Japan Dr. Sakamoto’s test, using 150 rads of X-ray in 10 or 15 sessions, resulted in 84% of his non Hodgskin’s lymphoma patients surviving for 13 years when 50% of similar, but untreated patients only lasted for 8 years. One of my friends asked an official of our  National Institutes of Health why this technology was not much used in the United States, although approved by the FDA. His answer was “It’s too easy”.  I have been informed that Dr. Sakamoto was told to stop work on this technology a few years ago - For a similar reason??

                                                                                                JACK PHILLIPS – 26 March 20
Mar 26th


By Jack Phillips

The following is a brief review of the main points of an internet article attributed to Dr. Josef Oehman, said to be a research scientist at MIT, which describes the construction of nuclear power plants at  Fukushima, Japan and the events that followed the recent earthquake and Tsunami.

The Fukushima Nuclear Energy Plants use Boiling Water Reactors which operate like pressure cookers producing steam at about 250”C. The nuclear fuel is in the form of ceramic pellets which melt at 3000 ‘C.  They are encased in Zircaloy tubes which melt at 2200’C. A number of packages of these tubes form the core of a reactor. The core is held inside a very strong pressure vessel built to withstand temperatures of several hundreds of degrees Centigrade (‘C). Underneath it is a concrete basin filled with graphite designed to catch, spread out and cool molten fuel if the pressure vessel is breached.  The concrete basin, the pressure vessel and associated pipes, pumps and cooling water reserves are encased in another hermetically sealed very thick pressure vessel made of the strongest available steel and designed to contain a complete core meltdown indefinitely.

When the 8.9 Earthquake, seven times more powerful than any previously known, hit Japan, the reactors shut down automatically as they were designed to do. Moderator rods were inserted into the cores and the chain reactions stopped but radioactive decay of elements formed by the chain reaction, mainly Cesium and Iodine isotopes, kept producing more heat for several days. Removing this heat has been very difficult for the plant operators.

First of all the earthquake caused a shutdown of the usual source of electric power.  But there were several sets of emergency Diesel generators at the plant and one of them started up and supplied power for the cooling pumps for about an hour. Then the Tsunami, again seven times stronger than expected, eliminated all of the emergency units. This left the operators with batteries that powered the plant for eight hours. Mobile electric power equipment reached the plant, but unfortunately the connectors were not compatible and, when the batteries gave out, the operator’s only alternative was to vent steam from the pressure vessel from time to time. At 550’C  water molecules in the vented steam dissociated into hydrogen and oxygen, and, because the operators vented the steam inside the reactor building, to limit the dispersal of radioactive cesium and iodine, the building was damaged, but the containment vessels were not affected. Ultimately the operators were forced to use seawater dosed with boric acid, which is able to capture neutrons, to cool the reactors and avoid a meltdown.  The release of cesium indicated that some of the Zircoloy was beginning to fail, so the encased system has undoubtedly suffered some damage, but meltdown was avoided.

If a meltdown had occurred it would have been contained in the outside pressure vessel and there would have been no chance of an atomic explosion because the chain reaction ceased seconds after the earthquake struck and it is not as easy to make an atomic bomb out of fuel rods as some anti-nuclear activists would have people believe. The truth will make you free!


Mar 23rd


By Jack Phillips

Survival of the Fukushima nuclear power plant, despite the effects of a super earthquake and a super tsunami, is further evidence that these plants are safe. This one encountered conditions far beyond the limits contemplated in its design. Like Three Mile Island, this disaster will result in little damage to people or the environment.  Even the catastrophic failure of Chernobyl’s poorly designed plant produced few deaths and injuries, except for 100,000 to 200,000 unborn European babies who were aborted by mothers who feared that the released radiation would turn their babies into monsters.

Instead, as Paul Harvey reported in one of his Radio programs, Russian children, whose mothers were exposed to Chernobyl radiation, were found to have higher IQs and better immune systems and to grow faster than comparable children. What we do not know can hurt us.  Radiation, like fire, can be good for us.  In fact we cannot escape the effects of radioactivity no matter how hard we try.

Every cell in our bodies contains a source of radioactivity. Doesn’t this suggest that we may need ionizing radiation in order to survive?  This source, radioactive potassium, with a half life of 1.3 billion years, has a biological half life of only 16 days, but it is continually renewed by our ingestion of potassium from the food we eat. Each 100 disintegrations of radioactive potassium, 0.0118% of total potassium, produces 11 gamma rays, 89 beta rays and 23 delta rays. It may be that some of these rays energize the mitochondria that convert sugar and fat into carbon dioxide and water in order to manufacture the adenosine triphosphate (ATP) which keeps our bodies functioning.

Approximately 17 milligrams of total potassium in our bodies produces  about 0.17 milliSieverts/year (mSv/yr, I Sievert = 100 millirem of absorbed radiation) and the uranium, thorium and actinium in our bones make up about 0.4 mSv/yr. Sleeping with a spouse increases exposure by 0.4 milligrams/year   (mGy/yr,  1 Gray = 100 Rads of incident radiation).  Associating with co-workers can add another 0.02 mSv/yr of absorbed radiation.

Most everything in your environment is radiating all the time, including buildings and the granite countertops in kitchens. We also are exposed to cosmic rays from outside our solar system. They are responsible for about 0.4 mGy/yr. If you live 1000 feet above sea level it has been estimated that every cell in your body will be hit by a cosmic ray every day. Crews of commercial aircraft may be exposed to 1.5 mGy/yr of cosmic radiation

Some patients leaving hospitals may emit more radiation than allowable for a nuclear power plants. They may exceed public health standards, but be well within medical risk standards. Medical diagnostic procedures expose us to about 0.4 mGy/y and radiopharmaceuticals to an additional 0.14 mGy/yr. Nurses and radiation technicians may be exposed to 1.0 mGy/yr.

Finally food and drink exposes adults in the United States to an estimated 0.03 mGy/yr from K 40, radioactive potassium, Strontium 89 and 90, Cesium 137 and Radium 226. Nuts, meats and seafood, in that order, have the highest concentrations of radioactivity. Foods sterilized with electron beams or Cobalt 60 did not have adverse effects on 4 generations of mice and did not become more radioactive by reason of the irradiation. The food supply in Kerala, Iran is about three times as radioactive as our food and people have been living there for over 2,000 years.

Incidentally, a large ecological study, which covered most of the counties in the United States, revealed that lung cancer rates were inversely related to exposure to Radon. This caused Dr. Cohen of the University of Pittsburg, who conducted the study, to turn off his basement ventilation system to save electricity.

Finally Edward Teller, the father of the Hydrogen Bomb, told us that we could have 100,000 years of low cost energy by building breeder reactors and using Thorium as fuel. What are we waiting for?

For more information on radiation and its effects please refer to UNDEREXPOSED by Hiserodt, RADIATION HORMESIS by Luckey and my, soon to be published, book SUPPRESSED MEDICAL SCIENCE available from SweetgrassBooks.

                                                JACK PHILLIPS

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