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According to Dr. W.C. Douglass’ Daily Dose on 22 May 2012, Dr. Otis Brawley, Chief Medical Officer of the American Cancer Society told a meeting of Health Journalists that conventional cancer treatments involve a subtle form of corruption aimed at maximizing profits.  He alleged that doctors routinely lie about the effectiveness of screenings and treatments including PSA tests, bone marrow transplants and chemotherapy. He stated that the system is set up to steer patients towards the most profitable treatments for the system, not the best treatments for the patients.

He also said that: “25 years after graduating from medical school I concluded that a lot of doctors are out to make a buck and a lot of doctors are out making stuff up as they go along. Readers need to recognize that this statement is unfair to many hard working and honest physicians.

It is a fact that State Medical Boards use their power under our laws to prevent physicians from using technologies that work. Lawmakers have underwritten this power by specifying, in some states, how cancer will be treated. Medicine at the point of a gun!

It should be noted that Medical Authorities have consistently opposed advances in medical science   effective against cancer when developed by enterprising physicians like Dr. William Frederick Koch, PhD, MD in 1920s, Dr. Virginia Livingston, MD in the 1940s and continuing to this day with Dr. Stanislaw Burzinski, MD. Nevertheless those who wage the War on Cancer continue to appeal for more money to seek elusive goals which are always “just around the corner”.

Taxpayer may also be interested in the fact that there is an approved, easy, low cost and effective treatment for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma which kills about 20,000 Americans yearly. It is low dose, whole body radiation via X – ray machines. Two studies at Harvard Medical School in the 1970s showed that it benefitted 75% of patients. More recently 84% of patients of Dr. Sakamoto in Japan who received 150 rads of X-rays in 10 or 15 rad doses survived for more than 13 years. Only 50% of those deprived of the treatment lived for 8 years. According to an authority at the National Institutes of Health, this treatment isn’t much used because “it is too easy”!

There are even indications that long continued exposure to low dose, whole body radiation provides protection against cancer, contrary to what our National Academy of Sciences and mainstream medical doctors would have you believe. About 10,000 Taiwanese exposed to 4000 millirems per year (mr/yr) or 40 milliSieverts (mSv) of radiation, from Cobalt 60 in rebar in their apartment buildings, for 20 years experienced a decreasing cancer death rate which averaged about 3.6 per 100,000 person years. (Average American receives 300 mr/yr or 3 mSv/yr from background radiation) The rest of the inhabitants of Taiwan experienced an increasing cancer death rate of 116 per 100,000 person years. These facts can be found in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons in 2004 in a report provided by 14 eminent Taiwanese scientists. They suggested that low dose, whole body radiation may have a prophylactic effect against cancer.

JACK PHILLIPS – 22 May 2012



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