Beating The Disease

Published by: august on 17th Apr 2012 | View all blogs by august
To summarize, my aunt has diabetes, which affected her kidneys. I don't know everything exactly because I always avoid such sad topics, but I know enough to say that she is ill and that controlling her diet and lifestyle affects whether she lives longer or aggravates her condition. At some point, she realized that she wanted to live longer.

She changed her lifestyle, three-hundred and sixty degrees. She applied a strict diet based on what she needs to boost her health, avoiding what makes her ill. Her goal was to get her kidneys back. Impossible at it was, she did some physical exercises on a daily basis and did some tests often. She would go to the doctor every month or when needed and each time, her condition was improving - a real surprise to her doctor.

At some point, her visits to the doctor decreased, but she continued her routine. It has been eight years since. She found out recently that her kidney's function increased by 3%, putting her at the “safe zone” - safe but still in a condition that needed strict compliance to her changed lifestyle. What happened to my aunt was a revelation apart from being an inspiring story to tell. My custom essay here is an example. It's definitely not a miracle as the disease is still there, but she's fighting it. I believe each person can get something out of her ordeal and the way she is fighting it is simple.



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