Rush Terms of Use

Definitions:  SM or sm means me,  Stephen Miller.

These Rules govern the whole site, this includes Groups, Blogs, Forums, Chat, Videos and Photos, etc.,  and also your Profile pages.

This site is primarily about and for activities regarding the Rush Amendment Project.

This site is primarily for citizens of the USA above 17 years of age.  Membership will not be granted if you are under 18 unless you are a political savant or show you can or have materially aided the Rush Amendment Project.

When you sign up, I need your real name, a valid email address and phone number.  You may use a nom de plume or nom de guerre for your public name on the site.

The Rush Amendment will attract citizens from the far right to the far left and all other issues in between. Please do not fight your battles on this site.

If you don’t like the idea of personal sovereignty, Freedom of Choice and responsibility within the Common Law, this site is probably not for you. The basis of the Common Law is the 10 Commandments.

If a moderator requests a private chat to discuss an issue and it is refused that will be grounds to be temporarily suspended from chat.

Keep it respectful in chat rooms. SM will not tolerate much abuse or complaints, so keep it clean. Respectful debate is always welcome, just keep it civil.

Please, No threats of violence. We know the DHS and the military has Predators everywhere. We want your Vote, not read about a military accident or “collateral damage” somewhere.

No Vulgar language permitted. No nudity or pornographic materials, photos links or anything of that nature.

No spamming. If you have something hot, talk to me (sm) first.

The blogs, forums, Groups and discussions, photos and videos that violate The Terms of Use will be taken down without further notice.

We all represent America and Responsible Actions and need to be aware that the liberal press and others, will try to focus on the most radical activist, left or right,  so they can make a argument that the Rush Amendment is a fringe idea, not a fundamental right.

 If you have a problem with something on the site, let me know.

Asking for donations on this site is not allowed without permission. The circumstances must be extremely compelling.  

Sale of products on this site is still under review. I may have a store page for supporters and sponsors to link to their sites.

Please do not advertise other social networks in the group pages without first getting permission from that group creator.

Do not start a group just to advertise another site, the group will be deleted.

These Rules are subject to change or be amended at anytime and without notice.