This book lays the foundation for the Rush Amendment.

It documents the reasons, the arguments, the crimes, and the logic why Americans need The Rush Amendment.

Releasing suppressed medical sciences is the key to Lowering Cost and Raising the Quality (read "Cure Your Ailment") of Medical Care in America!

Jack asks?

Do we really need the $2 trillion medical care system that our political leaders intend to force us to pay for?  Medicine at the point of a gun!

Find out how America’s good quality, inexpensive medical care system of 1900 evolved into the most expensive, poor quality medical care system in the world in 2000.      (Note: We have EXCELLENT Emergency Care.)

Find out how advances in medical science were deliberately suppressed to maintain and increase monopoly profits.

Learn how the voices of eminent medical scientists were drowned out by propaganda of the medical establishment, ably assisted by allies in government. Frame-ups, prison, bankruptcy, exile or worse for those who actually healed.

Jack Phillips, a retired scientist, author and 94 year old grandfather, concerned about the future health and wellbeing of our grandchildren and the future of our country, reports the results of his years of research on the development of medical technology in SUPPRESSED MEDICAL SCIENCE.
JACK PHILLIPS – 9 April 2011

Clear and concise, you can’t refute the facts!



Suppressed Medical Science, by Jack Phillips

The Key to Lower Cost and Higher Quality Health Care

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This book is intended to inform readers about how we came to have the most expensive, poor quality medical care system in the world. It uncovers the consistent efforts of a medical monopoly which has been increasing its share of the Gross National Product of the United States and suppressing advancements in medical science for 100 years. Others have recognized the problems caused by the monopoly. This book suggests a solution to them.

The American Medical Association (AMA) plays an important role for the monopoly. It was formed in 1847 as an association of physicians. It became a powerful union in the twentieth century after reorganization with the objective of improving the incomes and status of members around 1900. It has been phenomenally successful after achieving these goals through alliance with the drug industry and developing political influence. Its income in 2008 was reported to be over $230 million.

Control of medical education has deprived most physicians of adequate training in pharmacology and nutrition. Consequently they are dependent on the drug industry for information about drugs and their use.  Many physicians have little interest in nutrition which Hippocrates, the father of medicine, considered to be very important. Its control of the practice of medicine through Standards of Care and its copyright on the six digit code used to control payments for medical services creates difficulties for competitors who practice alternative medical therapies.

Hard working orthodox physicians and medical professionals are undoubtedly doing the best they can with the technology that they are permitted to employ. But the technology that they are not allowed to employ would permit phenomenal improvements in service to their patients. For example, Dr. Frederick Klenner’s sodium ascorbate injections were effective in quickly curing a wide range of diseases from measles to poliomyelitis. None of his 60 Polio patients were paralyzed and most were cured within 72 hours.

As predicted in 1787 by Benjamin Rush, George Washington’s Surgeon General, this undercover dictatorship restricts choices of medical treatments available to the public as well as limiting the medical treatments that providers of medical services can offer. It has prevented physicians from using effective treatments developed by medical scientists that promised lower costs and less damage to patients. For example it induced the Federal Food and Drug Administration, a monopoly enforcer, to declare Royal R. Rife’s ray machines illegal to use and to confiscate them out of physicians’ offices. They were being used to cure many diseases, including cancer, by irradiation with a unique blue light.

Properly informed Americans have the reputation of making good decisions. Unfortunately the medical literature appears designed to confuse rather than inform. It has not been uncommon for distinguished scientists to report research results only to have medical authorities fail to confirm them. For example Ewan Cameron and Linus Pauling, PhD, twice a Nobel Laureate, reported that ten grams per day of vitamin C extended and improved quality of life for terminal cancer patients and reduced their need for drugs. Subsequently physicians at the Mayo Clinic claimed that they were unable to confirm the reported results and recommended no further research on vitamin C. What they did not report was that their experiment did not duplicate the conditions of Pauling’s successful work, but had been designed to fail. The net result was deprivation of American cancer patients of the benefits of this inexpensive and benign therapy.

The monopoly’s power derives from enabling legislation and cooperative government regulation.  With Congressional grants of control of medical education and the practice of medicine and hundreds of millions of dollars for lobbying and campaign contributions, their power is strongly entrenched. Petitioning Congress for relief is very unlikely to result in any action. On the other hand, individual states can act in their own behalf and, if they act in unison, they can cause change. If people in every state demand enactment of an amendment to the Constitutions to ensure freedom of choice in medical care, they will be hard to ignore.

JACK PHILLIPS – 3 December 2010



Freedom of choice in medical care was taken for granted in the early days of our republic. However, Dr. Benjamin Rush, a prominent Philadelphia physician and signer of the Declaration of Independence, foresaw a need for its continuance. In 1787, he proposed that it be ensconced in our Constitution as recorded in the following statement:

“The Constitution of this Republic should make special provision for medical freedom. To restrict the art of healing to one class will constitute the Bastille of medical science. All such laws are un-American and despotic… Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution; the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship and force people, who wish doctors and treatments of their own choice, to submit to only what the dictating outfit offers.”

What he foresaw has come to pass. We have a 100-year-old undercover dictatorship which forces people to take what the dictating outfit offers. The dictatorship has driven the costs of medical care to levels that threaten to bankrupt not only individuals, but businesses, States, and the Federal government. It discourages competition, and suppresses advances in medical science that promise to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Jonathon Wright, in his September 2005 medical letter also agreed that, “despite the Constitution, we do not have freedom of choice in healthcare.” He noted that a significant proportion of the half million annual American cancer deaths could be avoided if advances in technology such as the Rife Ray Machine and Dr. Stanislaw Burzinski’s Antineoplastons were widely available.  In 2010, we still do not have freedom of choice in medical care.  If anything we have less than we had five years ago because insurance company clerks and computer programs have increasing influence over the practice of medicine.

Too many Americans die every year because of iatrogenic diseases and medical errors. Reports indicate that properly prescribed medications are killing 100,000 of us yearly. This is about the same rate as we lost soldiers during World War II.  It was also reported in the New England Journal of Medicine that an additional 80,000 die from the effect of medications improperly prescribed and/or taken. Furthermore, another 100,000 yearly deaths are caused by drug resistant microorganisms. These facts indicate that we have a disaster on our hands. It is exacerbated by the 700,000 bankruptcies a year resulting from medical expenses.

Medical costs are adversely affecting businesses, and their ability to provide jobs. Some people have to choose between buying food and buying prescribed medications.  Additionally, Medicare and Medicaid programs have big problems which can only become worse as the Baby Boomers retire during the next 20 years.  Medical care is reported to have deteriorated to third world levels in some areas of the country.

In the past, a number of advancements in medical science have occurred which promised to benefit patients at reduced cost. Invariably, their developers have been given a hard time. Some of them were forced to leave the country. The biggest impediment to the introduction of advancements in medical science has been the medical-industrial establishment, which is, in effect, a monopoly and has long been standing in the way of freedom of choice.

The key to reductions in costs and improvements in quality of medical care lies in use of the many advancements in medical science which the monopoly has suppressed during the last 100 years. From a scientific point of view, recovering many of these technologies should not be difficult. However, potential political and legal roadblocks promise to make such recovery almost impossible in my lifetime.

The fact that a bill called the “Access to Medical Treatment Act” [See Appendix 4] has been introduced in Congress every year since 1996, without ever coming to a vote, provides a clear picture of the intent of Congress to maintain the monopoly it put in place at the beginning of the last century.  Powerful interests which supply large sums of money for re-election campaigns are opposed to change. There is little chance that politicians, whose primary focus is on re-election, will act against the interests of their benefactors. A new approach is needed.

The fact that the Fitzgerald Report, commissioned in 1953, by Senator Tobey, then Chairman of the Interstate Commerce Commission, still lies buried in the Congressional Record confirms the unwillingness of Congress to investigate medical monopoly transgressions. Senator Bricker, who succeeded Tobey on the latter’s death in 1953, refused to investigate the flagrant violations of law, and suppressions of advances in medical science which Fitzgerald uncovered.  Benedict F. Fitzgerald, who made the investigation on which the report was based, was told to forget it and he would be taken care of.  When he persisted in getting it into the Congressional Record, his job at the Justice Department disappeared.

What Dr. Rush did not foresee in 1787 was the abuse of political power by the undercover dictatorship which permits inoculation of children with dangerous materials against the wishes of their parents, and the hooking of schizophrenic and bipolar patients on neuroleptic drugs, when the historical record shows that they are curable.  It may also be responsible for the deterioration in reproductive capabilities of American men over the last 50 years, and the increase in degenerative diseases.  Freedom of choice in medical care will terminate abuse of power by the undercover dictatorship.

Constitutional protection of the natural right to freedom of choice in medical care, which Dr. Benjamin Rush recommended in 1787, is needed even more in 2011, when international efforts to limit access to food supplements required to make up deficiencies in our food are increasing.

With this in mind the FREEDOM OF CHOICE IN HEALTH CARE FOUNDATION was formed in March 2010 to focus attention on the availability and need for higher quality and lower cost medical services. We invite all Americans to join with us in an effort to enact a Dr. Benjamin Rush Amendment [[1]] to the Bill of Rights of every state constitution and the Constitution for the United States in order to provide freedom of choice in medical care for ourselves and our Posterity. Since history shows that we cannot depend on Congress to act on this issue, let us look to the individual States to act on our behalf.


Sample drafts of proposed amendment:


Federal Bill of Rights:   
“The People of the United States of America and anyone lawfully residing or sojourning therein shall have freedom of choice and practice of any health or medical care modality as they deem in their own personal best interest and judgment.”

State Bill of Rights:   
“The People and any lawful inhabitant, resident, or sojourner of the state of (Your state) shall have freedom of choice and practice of any health or medical care modality as they deem in their own personal best interest and judgment.”

[1] Go to for information on The Dr. Benjamin Rush Amendment Project.