Listen Up

In war, all things are simple, but the simple things are difficult. Von Clausewitz.

Welcome Veterans

As a Veteran of Military Service you one of America’s most important assets and have a pivotal role to play in what appears to be and may become known as the Second American Revolution, and is as always, We the People against a group of corrupt and despotic beings who have no respect for the True Law or Liberty.

The Dr Rush Amendment Project will be part of the Liberty action in restoring the Principles of the Republic as One Nation under God with Liberty and Justice for all. God and Justice are the primary operative words here. Not everyone in America believes in God and many serve other gods than the One called Jesus the Christ. If you don’t believe there is a God, and that America has a God watching over it, you are out of step with the Posterity of America who are in the process of Waking Up!

America’s Founding Fathers and the Patriots that supported them, whatever their faults, established America as a Christian Nation. As the Bible says, there is No Liberty without His Law, which is His national “rules of action” for the nation. They start with the Ten Commandments, (now removed from our national political life and educational system by our enemies). The nation that forgets Yahweh and His laws shall be thrown into hell. Psalm 19:7; Deut 28:43.

The American Ship of State

It should be clear to any cognizant military veteran that our Ship of State which comprises our country (the land), our nation (the People), and the government (elected officials, various departments, agencies, bureaucracy, and government and private corporations), has been hijacked by pirates and is now foundering on the rocks of fiction, fraud, lies, and deceptions. Or you could say we have sailed into a whirlpool of the same and are being sucked into total national and cultural destruction if we don’t get some kind of Devine Help and/or Guidance. You can draw numerous analogies.


Before we take any action, we have to recon the situation, do a Study and Observation to determine the proper response.


He who controls reconnaissance watches the enemy;

He who watches the enemy perceives the threat;

He who perceives the threat shapes the alternatives;

He who shapes the alternatives determines the response.


Once upon a time, I believed most of the Bull (propaganda & false history) I was taught in school, and in the news media, the churches, and in the military. After 40 years of research and study, I know it was double think brainwashing. I know enough of the Truth now to see the way back to national stability and prosperity. But Jack and I need help, and so do you. We have to all get on the same page and work together.

Below is a portion of my Recon Report:


Enemy Action Report

You read these items everyday but for the record, here it is again:


1.      Life: The American People have been dispossessed of their land, homes, and private property, and rights by fraud. Most land in America is now held by banks, corporations, or the government agencies. Most people are now legally considered “property” or “wards” of a federal government corporation called the United States. This fraud has been perpetrated by the US Congress and the several States.

2.      Liberty: The American People are having their money, savings, and investments stolen, destroyed, or taxed into oblivion resulting in over 42 million Americans on food stamps and 56 million Americans living in abject poverty. The US Congress and the States have allowed alien non-white antichristian foreign financial interest to do this. Furthermore, American industry has been exported to foreign lands resulting in massive unemployment and the inability of America to produce its own necessities in time of need.

3.      Pursuit of Happiness: The US Congress illegally delegated the creation of money and the running of America’s monetary system in 1913 to a foreign corporation (The Federal Reserve Bank) which is a “For Profit” corporation. Simply put, this private foreign entity lends all money into circulation (Federal Reserve Notes), both to the government and commercial banks (and thus the people) at interest. The money to pay the interest on the principal is never created. Only endless borrowing into deeper debt. Thus an unpayable national debt to these criminals. This is why the “Debt Ceiling” must be raised every so many months. If it isn’t, all money would disappear from circulation via repayments plus interest and all commerce would stop and then the cities burn down.

4.      911:  All indications are the attack on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon was carried out by a group of Israelis, rogue elements within the US Government, and other unknown parties. The collapse of the buildings could not have been caused the fires from the jet fuel. Demolitions and some classified technology was evidently used. However, this event was blamed on Muslims that couldn't even fly a Cessna 150 and used as an excuse to invade Iraq and Afghanistan, two countries we now know had nothing to do with it! Osama Bin Laden denied anything to do with it based on Muslim laws of war. Subsequently, he was killed several times. The “List of Lies” by renegade government agencies is long and documented.

5.      Open Borders & Illegal Immigration: Many of our cities have been overrun by illegal aliens, many of them women who come here to have “anchor babies” because the 14th Amendment allows anyone born here to be a US Citizen and to immediately be able to get social welfare help. This is bankrupting local governments and changing the national make up of our cities into third world subdivisions.

6.      CODEX: International law that will ban most vitamins and supplements needed to maintain optimum health today.

7.      Agenda 21: Reduce world population to 500,000,000 chosen people. More on this later.

8.      Multiculturalism: The state educational system and the churches heavily promotes multiculturalism and denigrates the White Christian Foundational Principles America was built on.

9.      Major Media: Most US News Media are disinformation centers and provide cover for the Enemy by ignoring real news and issues, promoting drivel, promiscuousness, and various entertainments for distraction.

10.   YOU:  If you are reading this and in your free time you are seeking only entertainment and/or are brainwashed to sit on your derriere until starving, you are part of the problem. Come the food shortage, it will be too late for you to take any effective action to save yourself or your family, or be an asset to your community. Our enemies call these kinds of folks "Useless Eaters" and plan to eliminate them (part of Agenda 21).


The Dr. Rush Battle Stations Prescription

As in the revolutionary war period of 1776, Americans will have to organize on the local level, townships and counties, and then the state. This “organize from the bottom up” principle is stated in the Bible, Moses used it and Jesus illustrated and used it when feeding the crowds thronging to hear Him. As the economy crashes and disasters of various sorts multiply, local communities are going to have to work out their own survival solutions, mainly food, medical care and crime control. The cities will be under seige so to speak.

Once you realize our problems originate in Washington, DC (and elsewhere) and not with Charlie Cong as I did during my stateside service in the Viet Nam era, we can focus and the real source of the problem and fixing it. The problem was stated by President John F Kennedy and is at the bottom of this web page. He warned us and tried to address it.

Operation Order

Now I know there is a Patriotic group of veterans in every county of America that can comprehend all this. American Legion and Veteran of Foriegn Wars, Viet Nam Vets, and more. There are also numerous social or political activist organizations in every state you may be involved with.

Don’t Meet, Eat, and Retreat!

Take the Dr. Rush Amendment to them. It is an action that will reawaken the Spirit of Liberty. You may not be popular, but you will force the hypocrites out and expose any enemy. All else will then start to fall into place.

See the Action page for more ideas please. Let me know.

Thanks, Stephen Miller, Sgt., 7th SFGA, Ft Bragg. 1971-73


Something to think about from someone who fought the fight, finally realized where the true enemy is, and started to tell us what is what, and was ambushed and killed by the enemy within the Gates:

JFK Quote - Waldorf-Astoria Hotel on April 27, 1961

"For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence--on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations. Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed."